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Health & Safety Protocols at Sunset Beach Club

Updated 15/11/2021
Bearing in mind the global situation, Sunset Beach Club would like to reconfirm that we are committed to ensuring the safety of all our guests and staff at all times, in particular at this time with regards to Covid-19. We have worked with the relevant agencies to ensure that the necessary safety and hygiene protocols are in place for a safe stay with us.


  • Disinfectant solution is available at the hotel entrances, at the reception desk, in and outside lifts, and in or near all facilities of intensive use by customers.
  • Toilets are equipped with handsoap and automatic hand dryers.
  • Gel and soap dispensers are regularly cleaned.
  • Guests must respect the current law of 1.5 metre social distancing protocol and wearing of face masks when not possible. Face masks are mandatory indoors. The hotel staff will ensure that guests respect the recommended safety distance.
  • Receptionists are behind protective barriers and wear face masks.
  • Common areas and surfaces are cleaned regularly
  • Currently, there is no lift capacity restrictions but wearing of mask is obligatory.


  • Housekeeping staff trained and properly equipped
  • In-depth pre-arrival cleaning
  • Removal of non-essential decorative items. Thorough cleaning of all items such as clothes hangers, telephone, door handles, and remote control.
  • Towels and sheets washed at 60º (this is always the case at Sunset Beach Club)


  • When open, our bars & restaurants strictly comply with any legal restrictions in place with regards to capacity, social distancing and group sizes. These restrictions change frequently, so please ask staff for latest information when booking.
  • Disinfectant solutions are available at all food and beverage outlets, easily accesible for customer use.
  • Menus are available with QR code access for guests. When temporary paper menus are used, these are discarded after each use. When plastified or printed menus are used, these are cleaned between each guest use.
  • All decorative elements, as well as self-service condiments have been removed from the tables and replaced by individual sachets.
  • Payment by card is encouraged, to avoid the use of cash as much as possible.
  • Table and chair surfaces that come into contact with customers are disinfected and cleaned after each use.


  • Disinfectant gel at entrance for use by customers
  • Payment by card is encouraged, to avoid the use of cash as much as possible.
  • Frequent cleaning of all surfaces, handles and areas of common use, including coffee corner.


  • Visitors are requested to use hand gel on entry and departure from this facility.
  • Frequent disinfection of all areas, including handrails in the pool, sunbeds, umbella poles, walkway barriers and door handles.
  • Children’s outdoor play area is open, and balancing toys frequently cleaned


  • Visitors are requested to use hand gel on entry and departure from this facility.
  • Frequent disinfection of all areas, including handrails in the pool, changing rooms, exercise rooms and fitness equipment.
  • Social distancing measures will be respected and enforced in all areas of the Fitness Centre, including exercise classes.
  • Exercise room is vacated and disinfected in between classes.
  • Distance between machines has been increased to ensure safety distance.
  • Clients must use a towel with all sports equipment, and are required to wipe any equipment after use with disinfectant provided.
  • Any capacity limitations required by law will be informed to guests and enforced by staff at these facilities.


  • Compliance with the Guide for Health Protection for opening of hotels and tourist accommodations in Andalucia. 
  • Continuous Cleaning and Disinfection of communal and high risk areas.
  • Staff have been trained on safety protocols and are equipped with PPEs.
  • We have an agreement with the private health company Vithas Xanit, whereby guest PCR testing can be carried out if required, in the doctor's office within the hotel.

All protocols are subject to change without notice and according to law. Furthermore, Sunset Beach Club has in place its own Covid-19 Contingency Plan that includes among others: 

  • Provide updated information to guests regards to safety protocols to adhere to during their stay.
  • Keep all staff informed with regards to protocols for prevention, reaction and treatment.
  • Keep updated and informative materials for staff and guests.
  • Establish general operating guidelines for personnel.

We will keep up to date with the current situation, and follow any and all measures established by the health authorities, to ensure maximum protection for everyone. Furthermore, we will follow all guidelines and measures established by the health authorities, and collaborate with them fully, if faced with any suspected or identified cases.

Thank you for trusting in Sunset Beach Club.

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