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Mijas Village

When Spain began to enjoy an influx of international tourism in the sixties, one of the most famous souvenirs, which has lasted until this day, must be that of the “straw donkey”…. And with good reason, for in the early 1900s, these beasts of burden were one of the main modes of transport. Nowadays, the sight of a farmer walking in the countryside beside his well-loaded donkey is a rare event, but Mijas still maintains the tradition of the “donkey taxi”, an experience which is still popular with tourists today. This pretty white village still keeps much of its original charm, with meandering cobbled streets lined with hanging geranium pots.

You may also have heard of Mijas Costa. Mijas Costa and Mijas village are two completely different places, the village of Mijas is nestled comfortably in the mountainside at 428 meters above sea level and Mijas Costa is a coastal, more modern and urban region.


Winding Whitewashed Streets

Be sure to allow some time during your stay on the Costa del Sol to venture around the narrow streets of Mijas Village. A taste of the true Spanish way of life away from the beach!
Mijas town

World's Smallest Chocolate Factory

If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll definitely want to visit Mayan Monkey Mijas, the world's smallest chocolate factory. With a lovely shop selling delicious home-made chocolate treats and fun free workshops where you can make your own chocolate bars, it's a chocolate lovers paradise.

Water Park

The Aquapark that most think of as part of Fuengirola is actually part of the Mijas Costa Province. Offering a variety of fun slides and attractions for all the family to enjoy.


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