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Winter Works

Winter Works 2020-2021

I am pleased to confirm that the last part of the planned fire prevention improvement works at Sunset Beach Club
will be carried out this Winter.

Most of this work is superficial, comprising of simple installation of sprinkler heads in ceilings, but there will be
some inconvenience between 9th November and 15th December, when we will need to work in the reception
area (6th floor) and carry out some structural work in the restaurant area (1st floor). A suitable temporary
reception area will be set up during that period, and any noisy works will be concentrated in those weeks. The
launderette will be closed for some days during that period, dates to be confirmed.

As always, guest satisfaction will be our priority, and guests will be allocated rooms well away from any potential
disturbances (only one wing of the hotel will be open for most of the winter).

Thank you as always for your continued collaboration and support.

Mark Wardell
General Manager

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