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Sports and Activities for Everyone!

At Sunset Beach Club we offer a full range of sports and activities to suit all tastes, ages and abilities.  Scuba diving, darts, swimming, workouts at the gym, French boules, beach football, golf or water-polo, name but a few! 

We can also accommodate and prepare special meals for travelling sports teams. Please see our Sports Groups page.

On the Seafront

Sports along the seafront at Sunset Beach Club include football, boules, sunbathing (of course!), and scuba diving.  Regular matches and competitions are organized throughout the summer.
For those with sea legs, fishing, dolphin spotting and boat trips can be booked through our Leisure Desk. 

Gentle Sports & Pastimes

We also cater for more gentle sports and activities, such as cookery classes, board games, darts, pool, archery, rifle and pistol shooting, and cards.  Bridge groups and societies are very welcome.
For the "passively active", our lifestyle packages are also ideal for "gentle" keep fit holidays.  For example, you can start with a walk along the promenade and a healthy breakfast, followed by some pampering at the beauty salon, and perhaps a stretching class.

Activities for Children

Children can enjoy sports and activities in the safe hands of our dedicated Animation Team.  Fun is never far away, and entertainment is the name of the game. 
Water games and sports competitions continue throughout the summer season, and are a great way to keep cool, meet new friends and keep out of trouble!

Discover Scuba!

Sunset Beach Club is a recognized Padi Scuba Resort.  Click here for more details about learning to scuba dive, and about excursions to nearby dive sites for more experienced divers.  (This is a seasonal operation).

At Sunset Beach Club, we also appreciate that Relaxation is also very much a holiday sport!

You can catch some rays,  read a good book by the pool, or chillout and sip a cocktail or two on the comfortable rattan sofas at Luna Beach Club ......Sunset Style!

Beach Water Sports
In the Summer there are many water sports available on the nearby beaches - kite-surfing, water-skiing, banana boats and pedalos, to name but a few!

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