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Tajo de Ronda, Málaga

Located 45km Inland from Marbella, and approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi) from the city of Málaga, Ronda is one of the most popular destinations for daily excursions. Its famous 'Tajo' (Gorge) is simply stunning and the city is also home to the oldest bullring in Spain. Day trips are available from the Sunset Beach Club leisure desk and probably one of our most popular excursions.

The Bullring

Ronda is home to the World’s first purpose-built bullring. The first fight in this bullring took place in 1785 with the famous matadors, Pedro Romero and Pepe Hillo.

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Bullfighting Museum

Next door to Ronda’s monumental bullring is the bullfighting museum. Here you can see costumes belonging to leading fighters as well as oil paintings and original posters advertising past bullfights.

Antique Fire-arms Collection

Comprised of some 290 pieces the Antique Fire-arms Collection is also worth a look around and is not far from the bullring and museum.


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