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Seville Plaza de España

Seville, known in Spanish as Sevilla, is one of the largest historical cities in Europe. Lying on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, Seville is home to many cultural monuments such as the minaret of La Giralda, the cathedral and the Alcázar Palace.

The city also boasts other treasures: The Casa de Pilatos, Torre del Oro, the Town Hall, Archive of the Indies (where the historical records of the American continent are kept) and the Fine Arts Museum (the second largest picture gallery in Spain). You can book a guided tour to Seville at the Sunset Beach Club Leisure Desk when you arrive at the hotel.

Isla Mágica, Sevilla

Isla Magica

Isla Magica is an exhilarating and modern theme park. Located close to the Centre of Seville, the park is open all day during the summer. There are over 40 rides and attractions, including various roller-coasters, as well as a cinema and entertaining daily shows.

Gibraltar River

River Guadalquivir

If you make your way down to the Guadalquivir River which runs alongside Seville, you can look across to the Triana Districts where rows of colourful buildings stand.

Feria de Sevilla

Feria de Sevilla

During spring time Seville celebrates it’s annual week-long fair. Dating back to 1847 when it was a week of cattle trading, it's now become a colourful, round-the-clock display of flamenco, bullfighting and all-round fun!

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