Fuengirola Launches New Gastronomic Initiative: “Grandma’s Casserole”

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La Cazuela de la Abuela FuengirolaFrom the 17th to the 26th February, Fuengirola will be presenting their latest gastronomic offering to help promote the town’s restaurants and bars: the 1st ‘Cazuela dela Abuela’ (literally translated as Grandma’s Casserole).

During the event, visitors and locals will be able to sample delicious home made stews, like the ones our grandma’s used to prepare! For the very reasonable price of €2, all participating restaurants will serve up a generous helping of warm stew (served in a clay bowl) and a drink; you can choose beer, wine or a soft drink.

Fuengirola continues to experiment and innovate with these original themed events designed to promote the towns gastronomic offering – a perfect example is last years Erotic Tapas Route – There is no doubt that this type of activity helps support the restaurant trade which, during the quiet winter months, can use all the help they can get to fill their establishments.

“Grandma’s Casserole” serves as a tribute to traditional home made recipes and stews which the majority of Spanish people have been brought up on. Only restaurants which serve these types of dishes throughout the year are allowed to participate and will have to show the official logo (see photo) at the entrance to their establishment.

Visitors and locals will also have the opportunity to participate in the special competition which will be included in this gastronomic route; they will have to collect 5 different “Grandma’s Casserole” coupons from participating establishments. Once they have collected the 5 stamps, they’ll hand them in at the Fuengirola Tourist Office (before the 28th February); in exchange, they will get a surprise gift and will be entered into a prize draw to win a family dinner.


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