The European Cricket Championship Returns to Cartama from 12th September to 14th October

Sunset Beach Club is proud to have been selected, once again, as the official hotel partner for the European Cricket Championship (ECC) which takes place at the Cartama Oval from the 12th September to the 14th October 2022.

Teams from 21 European Countries will take part in the T-10 competition and will be split into 4 groups, each consisting of 5 teams. The shortened format of these matches – they last 90 minutes – means that cricket fans can enjoy several matches each day.


Remote Working at Sunset Beach Club: Your Private Office with Stunning Sea Views

Remote working in Benalmadena at Sunset Beach Club

After the Covid debacle and all the mobility restrictions imposed by the government in all facets of our daily lives, something as common as going to work has become an odyssey.

Working remotely has been postulated as the salvation of many workers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. It is, without a doubt, an excellent option for a better work-life balance and in many cases can be much more productive.

At Sunset Beach Club we have the ideal facilities for you to set up a great office with breathtaking views. It may be the perfect place to find the inspiration and creativity you are looking for.


Covid-19 Update and Plans for De-Escalation Phase at Sunset Beach Club

Covid-19 update at Sunset Beach Club

As a reader of our blog and possibly a customer and friend of our hotel, we wanted to keep you informed about the latest news and how the immediate future looks for our business.

After eight hard weeks, it seems that we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Although the recent de-escalation plan proposed by the government presents us with operational problems, we are confident that we´ll soon be able to resolve them and announce our opening date to the public shortly.