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Visit Benalmádena’s Mussel Beds Aboard a Glass Bottom Boat

Glass bottomed boat in BenalmadenaDid you know that mussel production on the Costa del Sol is an industry with an annual growth of 122%?

The excellent quality of our waters and the nutrients they contain make it possible to produce high quality mussels. Since last summer a local company aims to give away the secrets to mussel production through tourist visits, a very interesting activity for tourists who wish to learn about the fishing culture of Malaga and its contribution to the economies of local families.

You can visit the mussel farming facility located in front of the Castillo de Santa Clara to learn how these molluscs are grown and the method of collection used in this area. Continue Reading →

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Jellyfish Stings: What To Do and How to Avoid Them

Jellyfish stings - How to treat themThe dreaded “J” word! Although our beaches here on the Costa del Sol are generally safe for swimming, we sometimes receive visits from unwelcome visitors: Jellyfish.

Under certain conditions, usually after heavy easterly winds and when the sea temperature is warmer than average, these slippery creatures head towards the shoreline and cause havoc amongst swimmers. They aren’t particularly dangerous; however, their sting can be painful and causes discomfort for their unfortunate victim.  They are usually difficult to spot in the water and bathers get stung by coming into contact with the jellyfish’s tentacles. Continue Reading →

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5 Ways to Travel from Málaga Airport to Sunset Beach Club (Benalmadena)

How to get from the airport to Sunset Beach Club

It’s a question we get asked daily: What’s the easiest way to get to the hotel from Málaga airport? Well, for all those of you who have yet to visit Sunset Beach Club and would like to know all the travel options open to you, here’s a list of 5 different methods of transport.

#1 Taxis

This is probably the most popular, convenient and fast way to get to Sunset Beach Club from Málaga airport. The taxi rank is located just outside the main arrivals hall and – with the exception of the busy summer months – you won’t have to wait to jump in a taxi which will bring you straight to the hotel.

The journey lasts approximately 20 minutes and the fair should be between €27 and €30 one way. If you have lots of luggage or are travelling late at night or public holidays there may be an additional surcharge fee, but this should not be too significant. Continue Reading →

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The Museum of Malaga: The City’s New Cultural Jewel

museo-de-malagaAs of last Monday the 12th December 2016, Málaga city boasts a stunning new museum to add to its’ – already impressive – collection: The Museum of Malaga.

The new museum is located in the ‘Palacio de la Aduana’, the old Custom’s building. The original museum closed 20 years ago (almost to the day) and the opening date is no coincidence as it marks the 19th anniversary of the first demonstration demanding that the Customs building be used for cultural purposes. Continue Reading →

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Thinking About Getting Dental Treatment in Spain? We’ve Got You Covered

New dental clinic at Sunset Beach Club

The new dental clinic at Sunset Beach Club

Have you ever considered getting dental treatment abroad? If you live in the UK or Ireland, receiving major dental treatment here is Spain can mean savings of more than 40% on your dental treatments!

So at Sunset Beach Club we’re delighted to introduce our new Dental Commercial Office located on the first floor of the hotel (Just next to the supermarket). Run by ‘Clinica Crooke’ a well-established and respected dental practice with various offices on the Costa del Sol, this new office is open daily from 10am to 6pm (Monday to Friday). Continue Reading →

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Malaga at Christmas: Where to Go and What to See

Malaga Christmas Lights in Calle Larios

Malaga Christmas Lights in Calle Larios

Málaga city centre is famous for its’ stunning Christmas lights. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the city’s Calle Larios to see the spectacular lights, and every year, we’re treated to a more impressive display!

This year is no exception with the town hall spending a whopping 573,201 Euros on the lights! This might seem like a lot but when you see the amount of people who show up at 6:30pm every day to watch the lights be switched on, you begin to understand why. Business is booming and the city has a real Christmassy feel to it. Continue Reading →

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A Quick Guide to Benalmadena Buses: Timetables, Routes and How to Get to Your Favourite Tourist Attractions 

A Guide to Benalmadena BusesIf you’re planning a holiday in Benalmadena and are looking for a cheap and easy way to get around town and explore your favourite tourist attractions, look no further; this quick guide to Benalmadena Buses will become your trusted travel companion!

Located just 20 minutes from Málaga airport, with a privileged location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and an extensive range of services and tourists attractions, Benalmadena is the perfect base from which to explore the Costa del Sol.  Continue Reading →

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Why You Don’t Want to Lose Your British Passport Whilst on Holiday in the South of Spain

Don't lose your British PassportHave you ever wondered what would happen if you lost your British Passport whilst on holiday in the South of Spain? 

Unfortunately it’s quite a regular occurrence and one you’ll want to avoid if you don’t want to go through the hassle of having to replace it with an emergency one before flying home.

Passports could be misplaced or lost and, in some unfortunate cases, may even be stolen by petty thieves who thrive on unsuspecting holiday makers.

Whatever the reason for the loss of your passport, replacing it is a complex and costly process which is to be avoided at all costs. Continue Reading →

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How to Pack your Bags: The Ultimate Video Demo!

I’m always on the lookout for great tips and tricks related to travel and holidays. One of the biggest nightmares we suffer when we have to get on an plane is the ritual of packing!

Whether for business or pleasure, strict – and over the top – policies by airlines around the world mean that packing your bags efficiently has become synonimous with saving money! Every extra piece of luggage and every extra Kilogram costs a fortune (Up to 15 Euros per Kilo!!!).

Well, I might just have the solution to all your packing problems…. I found this video online whilst reading the Huffington Post Travel Blog (a great read if you are interested in travel) and just had to embed the video on our Blog so that our guests could view it.

This guy is the “master” of packing! I know a couple of colleagues in our commercial department who will happily use some of the tips oin the video for when they next travel abroad for an exhibition!

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Driving Whilst on Holiday on the Costa del Sol: 12 Key Tips

Stop SignIf you are planning to visit the Costa del Sol for your next holiday – or any other area of Spain – there is a good chance that you will want to hire a vehicle to give you a little more freedom and really take advantage of some of the beautiful scenery our country has to offer.

You’ve probably heard some horror stories about driving in Spain and might have been put off by it but I assure you it is not that bad! If you are careful and respect speed limits and road signs, you won’t have a problem. The following tips and guidelines will give you a brief overview of the more important points you need to be aware of when driving in Spain.

1)      First and foremost, we drive on the right in Spain!!!! Seems like a trivial point as most people are aware of this; however, you’d be amazed at how many accidents are caused by tourists who “forget” when turning out of a petrol station or similar and end up heading the wrong way – please just be careful and alert at all times, an advice from lawyers for wrecks and accidents. Continue Reading →

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