Don’t Miss the ‘Super Moon’ this Weekend!

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Super Moon 2012This weekend we’ll have the chance to witness a phenomenon known as a ‘Super Moon’.

Super Moons are larger and brighter than usual and are caused by the shape of the Moon’s orbit which is actually an ellipse, or oval, shape. The Moon orbits our planet once each month and during this time reaches a point farthest from the Earth (an apogee) and a point closest to the Earth (a perigee); the latter is what we will experience this Saturday the 5th May 2012.

This will be the biggest full moon of the year – about 16% brighter than average – and will create larger than normal tides. Apparently, at perigee, the moon exerts approximately 42% more tidal force than when it’s at apogee!

Experts say that the best way to view this weekend’s Super Moon – the one that will get the best effect – is to look out for it just after it rises, when it’s close to the horizon. If you can manage to get the moon behind buildings or trees, an optical illusion will make it look even bigger!

If you’re staying with us at Sunset Beach Club, we recommend you grab a spot on the terrace of our Panorama Bar or head down to the promenade and watch the ‘Super Moon’ from there. Don’t forget to take some photos and post them on our Facebook Page 😉

Foto Credit: PictureKat


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