Fotos of the Luna Mora Festival in Guaro

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For those of you who haven’t visited the Luna Mora Festival in Guaro, we thought we’d post a few photos of this fantastic event held every September in this beautiful Andalusian village.

If you are ever on the Costa del Sol for a holiday during the month of September, we highly recommend you take a drive up to Guaro during their Luna Mora Festival, a unique event featuring the best of andalusian culture.

A big thank you to our colleagues Wendy and Claire for letting us use the lovely photos they took at this year’s Luna Mora Festival 🙂

Cultural Centre in Guaro

Cultural Centre in Guaro

The street market has lots of wonderful treats on sale…

market stall in Luna Mora, Guaro

A market stall at the Luna Mora

Sweets and cakes at the Luna Mora Festival

Sweets and cakes... yuuuum!

Mojitos at the Luna Mora in Guaro

A slightly different way to make Mojitos...

BBQ at the Luna Mora Festival in Guaro

Now thats what I call a BBQ 🙂

Jamon Serrano y pan

My favourite... Jamón!


Here’s a selection of photos taken strolling through the town…

flower and butterfly

Flowers and Butterflies, a beautiful combination!

Balcon decorado en Guaro

Locals decorate their balconies...

Candles ready for nightfall...

Candles ready for nightfall...

Plant with eggs on

Eggplant 😉

Luna Mora in candles

Luna Mora...

Street performers at the Luna Mora Festival in Guaro

Belly dancers perform through the streets of Guaro

And as the sun sets, the streets light up with over 20,000 candles…

Star signs made out of candles

Star signs made out of candles...

Market Stall at Luna Mora in Guaro

The town lights up as the sun sets over Guaro...

Candles in the streets of Guaro

Candles at dusk...

candles in shape of the sun

A sun (or is it a flower?) made of candles...

Have you been to the Luna Mora Festival? Have you got any nice photos we could add to this collection? Feel free to post them on our Facebook page 🙂

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