Fuengirola Celebrates its “Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos”

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Feria Internacional de los pueblos Fuengirola

La Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos

Our neighbouring town of Fuengirola is getting ready to celebrate its “Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos” (International Peoples Fair). This unique event dates back to 1994 and was started as a way to showcase the different customs, folklore, gastronomy and cultural, historic and tourist attractions of the inhabitants of this multicultural town.

As from next Friday the 29th April and up until the 2nd May, visitors and locals alike can head down to the local fair ground in Fuengirola and enjoy the multitude of stands; there are more than 30 different countries represented at the fair!

Visiting the Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos is like travelling around the world in just 4 days! All five senses will be at work as you experience the following:

  • The sounds of the traditional music of each culture, played by authentic groups which, in many cases, have actually flown in from their country of origin.
  • The amazing smells and aromas from the different food posts where visitors can taste traditional argentinian “parilladas” (barbecues), delicious Moroccan pastries, exotic Asian dishes and traditional foods from around Spain.
  • Traditional dances with their typical colourful costumes.

At each stand, visitors to the fair will have the chance to purchase typical products from each represented country and even obtain specific tourist information about the country or area being promoted.

Entrance to the “Feria” is free and we thoroughly recommend you take a trip down to this fascinating fair and enjoy a fun- multicultural- day of music, dancing and delicious food!



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