The Thyssen Museum in Malaga to Exhibit Works by Monet and Van Gogh

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Monet's Marea Baja en Varengeville

Monet's 'Marea Baja' in Varengeville

This Autumn, Malaga will once again become a haven for art lovers and tourists looking for an enriching cultural experience. Three of the city’s most popular museums have interesting exhibitions planned over the next few months.

Perhaps the most exciting of these exhibitions takes place at Malaga’s Thyssen Museum. Over 50 works will focus on landscapes around Europe, all hand-chosen by owner Baroness Thyssen. The exhibition will feature paintings which span the 19th and 20th centuries, including works from Leger, Courbet, Van Gogh and Monet.

Fans of Monet won’t want to miss one of the key works of the exhibition opening to the public on the 4th October: The stunning Marea Baja in Varengeville (see photo above).

The Picasso Museum of Malaga and the nearbyMuseum of Picasso’s birth also continue with their ‘Picasso October’ theme.

Those who prefer more contemporary works of art can visit Malaga’s ‘Centro de Arte Contemporáneo’ (CAC) where you’ll enjoy art by new and cutting edge artists. The first of these shows features the work of conceptual and minimalist specialist Jonathan Monk, in what is, his first exhibition in Spain.


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