6 Recycling & Eco-Friendly Initiatives at Sunset Beach Club

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Battery Box and Paper Recycling Machine

A few months ago we wrote a blog post about how we’re working hard to reduce energy and water consumption at Sunset Beach Club; well today we’re going to let you know about a few of the recycling initiatives we are undertaking in our quest to become an environmentally friendly hotel.

Here are 6 of the recycling initiatives we are busy implementing at the moment:

1)      Battery Disposal: We go through a lot of batteries at Sunset Beach Club… just think about all those remote controls for the TV’s and air-conditioning units in each and every room! Our battery recycling programme aims to reduce the number of batteries which are disposed of as municipal solid waste thereby reducing the risks of solid contamination and water pollution. We’ve even got a box at reception where guests can deposit any old batteries they wish to get rid of 🙂

2)      Paper & Cardboard: A few years ago, we acquired a paper and cardboard packaging ‘baler’. With this new system we are making a conscious effort to recycle as much paper (from administration and offices) and cardboard (from different supplier packaging) as possible.

3)      Glass: We’ve placed a Glass collection point (Green bottle bank) next to the supplier’s entrance on the first floor of the hotel. We’re also studying the possibility of placing some public glass waste collection points in the swimming pool area to offer guests the opportunity of participating and helping in this glass recycling initiative.

4)      Plastic: As with the glass collection in the previous point, we’ve also got specific collection points for all plastic items and containers. Most of the plastic waste collected at the hotel will come from our Food and Beverage and supermarket operations.

5)      Ink Cartridges: Most consumer inkjet printers such as those made by Canon, HP and Lexmark (The ones we use here at Sunset Beach Club) use thermal ink jets. According to statistics, most ink jet cartridges get thrown away, adding literally thousands of tons of plastic waste which end up in landfills.

It takes approximately 1000 years for the components of one plastic ink cartridge to decompose! Not to mention the chemicals within them which end up getting absorbed into the soil and could end up leaking into water systems. We’re obviously very concerned about these issues and therefore have specific arrangements with recycling companies which allow us to recycle all ink cartridges; this allows us to save money in materials, labour and time but above all, it has a significant impact in reducing environmental damage.

6)      Mobiles, chargers and other electrical appliances: We collaborate with companies which collect all our used mobile chargers and phones as well as all electrical appliances (microwaves, toasters, fridges…) which are constantly being replaced in apartments. By recycling these items we are keeping them out of landfills, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy and other natural resources.

One final point: We also donate all types of household items such as bed linen, towels and used furniture to a local charity called Remar. We get double benefits with this initiative as we manage to recycle many of these items and contribute to helping a great cause 🙂


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