New Video from Spanish Tourist Board Shows Wonders of Andalucia

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Last month, the Spanish Tourist Board (Turespaña) launched 13 new videos on their Youtube channel.

These impressive videos all form part of the new “Spain Timelapse Series”. They have been produced using a special photographic technique called “Timelapse” which consists in taking photos (they took over 300,000 photos to prepare the 13 videos in the series) at a much lower speed than that of reproduction. This means that when the whole sequence of photos is reproduced, reality seems to have been fast forwarded, creating a video with somewhat peculiar and “different” effects.

I’ve embedded one of the videos below which shows the beautiful area of Andalucia, albeit from a more modern and innovative point of view.

The video showcases the regions cultural attractions, it’s most emblematic cities, the wide choice of hotels and accommodation – from charming rural hotels in the interior to 5 star wonders on the shores of the Mediterranean – and, of course, the wide range of entertainment and services that visitors can enjoy in this wonderful part of Spain.

So, what do you think of the video?


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