Mijas Pueblo Gets a Makeover

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Mijas Flower potsThe town of Mijas is famous for its whitewashed buildings, picturesque setting overlooking the Coast and, of course, its donkeys! These distinctive attributes have made this beautiful town a favourite destination for tourists who visit the Costa del Sol and wish to experience the charm and beauty of a traditional SpanishVillage.

Well, things are about to get even more traditional as the Town Hall has just released plans to make Mijas even more beautiful by introducing hanging plant pots to the exterior of buildings along 26 of the streets in the town’s historic centre.

The installing of plant pots in the exterior of buildings is very traditional in certain areas of Andalucia; the famous patios of Cordoba are a perfect example. This new ‘makeover’ is sure to be a big hit amongst tourists and locals and will  help to maintain Mijas’ position as ‘must-visit’ destination for all who travel to the Costa del Sol.

The pots will be painted in vivid blues and greens which against the whitewashed walls of the buildings will represent the colours of the Mijas Flag. At the moment there are approximately 400 hooks installed for holding the plant pots but this figure will soon be increased to 1000, an impressive number for such a small town!

According to the towns planning councillor, Manuel Navarro, the plant pots will be filled with geraniums, ferns, adelfas and other aromatic species such as rosemary and lavender which will undoubtedly create some spectacular photo opportunities, not to mention the incredible scents and aromas 🙂

There is no doubt that this new initiative is set to reinforce Mijas’ position and reputation as a true Andalusian White Village. We hope you’ll get a chance to head up into the hills and see this new ‘makeover’ for yourselves!



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