Summer Festival – San Juan

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The fiesta of San Juan is definitely one for the calendar! The event takes place each year on the evening of the 23rd June and is celebrated with an overwhelming amount of beach parties all over Spain. Barbeques and fires are lit as the locals and tourists alike soak up the fantastic atmosphere. The finale of the evening is taking part in the traditional jumping of fire and running into the sea, thereby cleansing the soul of sins. If this is a little intense on a family night out, then don’t be put off as the festival is also accompanied by a stunning firework display that takes place at the puerto marina, but can be seen throughout Benalmadena. The festivities begin late afternoon and carry on well into the night as the following day is a bank holiday, perfect for recuperating after such an eventful night! Of course our famous Salitos bar by the sea will be hosting it’s own party, starting at aroun 9pm, so be sure to call in and say hi to Fran and the others down there!

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