Two Shows Which are Delighting Our Guests

We Will Rock You Show at Moonlight Theatre

We Will Rock You

The lion King at Sunset Beach Club

The Lion King








If you’ve stayed with us during these summer months, you will undoubtedly have had a chance to watch some of the fantastic shows at our Moonlight Theatre which have been a great hit this season. Some of these shows are high quality acts brought in specially and some are fantastic tribute shows produced in house by our entertainment team; this year, they’ve prepared tributes to two fantastic musicals: The Lion King and We Will Rock You!

The work that goes into the preparation of these shows is unbelievable; you only have to take a look at the costumes and choreography to see that this is no mere improvised show, the team went through hours of gruelling rehearsals to ensure that guests get to watch a top quality show, week in and week out.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch them yet, you’ll need to hurry as they are only going to be performed until the end of August! Join Rocio and her talented team as they bring you their impressive versions of two of theWest End’s biggest hits.

Here’s a short video preview of “We Will Rock You” and “The Lion King” to give you a taste of what to expect:

We Will Rock You

In a future world dominated by the digital era of Globalsoft, a small group of bohemians fight for their dreams; fight to create their own music…

The Lion King

Based on the Disney hit film, this moving musical tells the story of Simba, the young lion cub and his adventures in the African Pride Lands. With music that was composed and written by Elton John and Tim Rice, this is a family show you won’t want to miss…

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