Churros with Chocolate

The thinner knotted churros found 'up north'

Have you ever tried ‘Churros’? No idea what we’re talking about? Stick around as we’re about to tell everything you need to know about this delicious Spanish treat!

A ‘Churro’ – sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut – is a popular fried dough snack which is normally eaten for breakfast accompanied by a bowl of thick hot chocolate or a good café con leche. The ingredients for the typical churro couldn’t be simpler: A mixture of flour, water and salt. Once the mixture is prepared it goes into a ‘churrera’ (special churro making machine) which then squeezes the doughy mixture into a large fryer where it’ll remain until crispy and crunchy – this usually takes about  30 seconds!

Throughout Spain you’ll come across two different types of churro, a thinner and often knotted variety (See images) typically found in the more northern parts of Spain and cities like Madrid and Barcelona  and a longer and thicker type (See photo above) which is what we get here in Andalucia; we call them churros but the rest of Spain calls them ‘Porras’. Another difference between the two types of churro is that the ones from ‘up north’ are often sprinkled with sugar whereas our Andalucian variaty should be eaten on their own (That’s a few less calories ;-)).

Churros in Benalmadena

'Andalucian' style churros!

You’ll find that many bars and cafeterias serve churros throughout the day; however, they are more popular at breakfast time. Sometimes you’ll also come across special ‘Churrerias’ set up on street corners or in local fairs which sell nothing but these tasty snacks. Our local churros are usually fried in the shape of a large spiral and then cut into separate pieces – It’s a fascinating process to watch!

Many swear that digging in to a pile of churros is the best cure for a hangover; this would explain why many ‘churrerias’ and cafeterias do a roaring trade at weekends as party goers pour in for their early morning fix of churros with hot chocolate!

Have we managed to whet your appetite? Fancy trying some ‘churros’? There’s a great little place in Arroyo dela Mielcalled ‘Churrería Triana’ where they serve the best churros in Benalmádena (according to many locals) – Located just in from of the train station in Arroyo dela Miel, this typical churros café will be the perfect place to try this famous Spanish breakfast treat!

Have you tried churros? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

photo credit: korrey via photopin cc