A Walk Through Benalmadena’s “Parque de La Paloma”

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Parque la Paloma Benalmadena

The lake

You can’t really miss it: More than 200,000m2 of green area in the centre of the town make Parque La Paloma (Paloma Park) one of the largest and most spectacular parks on the Costa del Sol.

Equally ideal for a family day out or a quiet and relaxing walk in the company of a loved one, Paloma Park has become one of Benalmadena’s main attractions. All who visit are  impressed by the parks vast  green areas, as it is built in the middle of the town. Here’s a few of the  main features:

  • Specially laid out pathways which are ideal for leisurely strolls. I must warn you that some parts are a little steep and might not be ideal for all visitors. If you stick to the bottom part of the part (around the artificial lake) you wont have to deal with the steep walks.
  • A large artificial lake is the centre point of the park. The lake is full of large fish – I think they are Karp – as well as turtles, ducks, swans and more…..
  • Don’t be surprised by the large amount of wild animals running wild around the park: Peacocks, hens, chickens, rabbits – or was it a hare? Not sure but it was pretty big! – all run around the park, much to the delight of the little ones! There is also an area where you can see ostriches and mountain goats; although you’ll be happy to know that they are kept in a closed area!
Parque de la Paloma en Benalmadena

Feeding the fish and other animals on the pier

  • In a park of this magnitude, you would expect to find dedicated areas for kids. Although a little small for my kids liking, there are two kiddie’s parks equipped with swings, seesaws, and climbing frames.
  • Large green areas which are ideal for picnics or playing games. (especially popular at the weekend when families get together for a fun day).
  • As well as the many green areas, the park has a very impressive Cactus Garden with more than 450 species.
  • Next to the West entrance to the park, visitors can enjoy a quiet drink and some tapas at the cafeteria. With its large thatched roof and ample seating area – part of which is a chill out area, ideal for those summer evenings – this is a favourite spot for many locals and tourists alike.
  • The large municipal auditorium located on the western side of the park is very popular in the summer months as the Town Hall organises various musical concerts and similar events.
Quadricycles at Parque de la Paloma Benalmadena

Zooming around the lake on a Quadricycle...great fun!

Now, we’re talking about a park, so the main attraction is to enjoy a quiet stroll and take in the sites and sounds; however, here are a few more ideas and things you might like to try during your visit:

  • Feed the Fish…..and the turtles and the seagulls and the ducks. There are various areas and small piers which are ideal for this activity; a real favourite with the kids.
  • Enjoy a quiet picnic in one of the secluded areas of the park. (May I suggest a nice salad or sandwich from the take away at our Oasis restaurant ;-))
  • Take a fun ride around the lake on one of the Quadricycles (See Photo) available for rent. You can fit four adults comfortably on one of these “bicycle-cars” and the price is reasonable. You are allowed three laps of the lake and believe me, that’s plenty! You’ll know what I mean when you try it; there’s one short stretch where you all have to pedal like mad to make it up the short slope, if you don’t, you’ll have to get out and push!
  • Sit at the cafeteria, order a café con leche, a San Miguel or whatever tickles your fancy, and just watch the world go by!
Parque de la Paloma

The Fountain in the middle of the lake

Paloma Park is open to the public daily from 9am to 10pm in the winter and 9am to 11pm in the longer summer months.

If you are visiting Benalmádena, you must make the time to visit Paloma Park, you’ll have a great time! Let us know what you thought 🙂

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