Next Saturday the 20th July Benalmadena will host the 2nd edition of an event in which participating businesses, bars and restaurants will host concerts with all different types of music: The Ruta de la Música (Music Route).

This year the organisers will be celebrating two events, one this weekend and the other on the 4th October so that they take place in two different seasons and so that they can see the impact each of these events has on the local economy.

Poster for Benalmadena Music Route

Poster for the Benalmadena Music Route with all the venues/locations and times.

This project is a collaboration between Benalmadena Town Hall’s Youth Department, The local chamber of commerce (ACEB) and Benalmadena´s Association of Musicians. All three have joined forces to once again create a route which will allow visitors to enjoy good music as well as the local shops and businesses. The idea is to use live music to revitalize local business.

For this 2nd edition of Benalmadena’s Music Route, the town hall will make an exception and authorize all participating businesses to have live music on this day.

Benalmadena’s ‘Ruta de la Música’ will start at around 2:00pm and will run until midnight. Whilst the initial plan was to celebrate a concert every hour and a half, with the idea of not overlapping any performances and allowing assistants to enjoy all the concerts, it finally looks as though some of the concerts will overlap. Be sure not to miss the Saxophone chill out session at our Salitos Bar, on the promenade in front of Sunset Beach Club from 8:00pm to 11:00pm.

Below we’ve listed all the participating bars and restaurants as well as the musicians playing and the type of music you’ll be able to enjoy at each location.

Asador Casa Miguel – 21:00h: Trenzaos (rumba/flamenco)

La Cúpula Lounge – 22:00h: Attitude Band (Rock)                        

Salitos Bar – 20:00h: Chill out Session (Saxophone)

El Bar de las Motos – 19:30h: Blaza (Tribute to Bon Jovi); 21:30h: Tabana (Rock)

Rock and Roll – 18:00h: Jam Session (Rock)

Agora Café – 21:00h: Salva Marina (pop/rock)                                        

Shakers Bar – 18:00h: Yon Muelin, Zeneca Zailon, y AK 47 (Rap/hip-hop); 21:30h: Sturdy Turtle (pop/rock covers); 22:30h: Averia (Rock)

Gastrobar Social ‘La Vida es Bella’ – 22:00h: Hoffman (Melodic Pop

Clásica Café – 22:00h: Los de la Terraza (Rumba/flamenco

IFood – 21:30h: Cool Cat Bros (Swing/R&B

Lo Spritz One – 21:00h: The New Quartet Trio Jazz Band (Jazz)

Vinoteca Moncloa – 21:00h: Show Flamenco 

Restaurante Pasodoble – 20:00h: Cuadro Flamenco

Vinilo Café Pub – 23:00h: Federico Asan (Rock)

Ollies Bar – 16:30h: Laura Carter (Classic Covers)

Día del Amigo (Playa de Sunset Beach) – 21:00h: DJ’s, Folf, bailes tradicionales… 

Gecko Beach Shack – 21:30h: Tumblin’ Gang (Rock covers

Elim Family Centre – 21:00h: Howard King & Friends (Gospel, country, pop/rock)

El Tapeo de la Plaza – 21:00h: Rafael Losada (Flamenco fusión)

Bull Bar – 18:00h: Eduardo Stanley (60’s, 70’s, 80’s covers)

Mallone’s – 17:00h: Tabana (Rock covers

Rincón Asturiano – 20:30h: Jesús Gómez (Flamenco Fusión)

Diego Rodríguez (Paseo Marítimo, Hotel Riviera): Calypso, Reggae, Latin Jazz

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