Benalmadena Cable Car Views

The Views towards Málaga from the top of Benalmadena

Now, I have to admit that I am not fond of heights; actually, I’m terrified of them. So when my wife suggested we take our twin daughters on a cable car ride to the top of Calamorro Mountain behind Benalmádena, you can imagine my reaction!

We always try and make the most of our weekends together and take the girls on little “adventures” and as the weather was gorgeous, I – reluctantly – agreed to give it a go.

Working at Sunset Beach Club, I’ve often spoken to guests and colleagues who raved about their trip up to the top of Benalmádena on the cable car; this was the perfect opportunity to see what all the fuss was about.

The cable car sets off from Tivoli World (it’s actually just beside it). Pricing might seem a little steep, especially if there are 4 of you; however, it’s well worth it! These are the rates:

Adult One Way- €7.30

Adult Return – €13

Children (3 to 7) and Pensioners, One way – €5.20

Children (3 to 7) and Pensioners – Return – €9.80

Benalmadena Cable Car Views

The Views towards Gibraltar and North Africa

Not sure if you noticed, but the above prices include One Way tickets… You have to be really adventurous to buy one of those because it’s a hell of a long way down that mountain! Take my word for it, pay for a return ticket 🙂

Back to my cable car experience. After paying for our tickets, we made our way to the “loading bay” to head up the mountain. I was already feeling a little nervous and – according to my wife – had turned rather pale; however, when I saw the size of the gondolas, I really started to have second thoughts…they are tiny!

My wife and 4 year old daughters managed to push me into the small cabin (gondola) and we were off. Unfortunately for me, although the weather was gorgeous with plenty of sun, it was a little windy. This meant that our little gondola was moving around a little too much for my liking. The kids were loving it, I, however, was holding on for dear life!

Luckily, the trip only lasts 15 minutes and before long we were climbing out of the gondola, 800m above sea level, and ready to explore.

There are various walking routes that visitors can wander along, all leading to different sightseeing points distributed along the top of the mountain. Whilst my wife took the girls to see the birds of prey show – with eagles, owls, falcons and more… – I decided to venture along the steepest path which lead to the very summit of Calamorro Mountain. I figured that I had weathered the dreaded cable car ride so I might as well go the whole hog and enjoy the views from the top of the mountain.

10 minutes later I reached the top and boy was it worth it! The views are absolutely amazing. You’ve literally got 360º views of the whole Coast, from Málaga all the way to Gibraltar and the Atlas mountains of Morocco beyond. There’s also a great view over Benalmádena and Sunset Beach Club (See photo).

Benalmadena Cable Car Views - Sunset Beach Club

Sunset Beach Club from the top of the mountain

After taking the mandatory photos, I headed back down another of the set routes and met the family at the cafeteria. We had actually brought along a picnic; however, the prices at the cafeteria weren’t too bad: €2.95 for a coffee and pastry and €9.50 for a small pizza and half a litre of coke.

After enjoying the views for a while longer, it was time to head back down the mountain. I’m happy to report that, this time, the ride wasn’t too bad; probably because I knew what to expect  🙂

If you don’t mind heights and enjoy spectacular views, I thoroughly recommend a trip on the Benalmádena Cable Car. It’s only 15 minutes up the mountain and once you are there, the kids can enjoy the interesting and educational birds of prey show, whilst you relax and take in the amazing sights and sounds of Benalmadena’s highest point.

Have you been on the Benalmadena Cable Car? Did you enjoy the experience? Am I overreacting about the height issue? Let us know in the comments below…

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