Visiting Ronda: Two Amazing Monuments you Must See

Ronda Gorge

The amazing Gorge in Ronda

The town of Ronda is located approximately45 km inland and is undoubtedly one of the most popular and spectacular destinations for tourists who visit the Costa del Sol.

Ronda has much to offer; however, in this post we’ll feature two of its most famous landmarks: The spectacular Gorge and the fabulous Bullring.

As you drive into the town, you’ll make your way over the ‘Puente Nuevo’ (NewBridge) which stretches over the famous Ronda Gorge. Over100 metres deep and 500 metres in length, The Gorge was formed by the Guadalevin river which winds its way through its deep walls.

The Gorge was once the historical divide which separated the old and the new quarters of Ronda. In 1751, architect Jose Martín de Aldehuela began an engineering feat which would take over 40 years to complete and become the iconic monument which today offers stunning panoramic views of Ronda and its surroundings. Apparently, all of the stone blocks used to build the impressive structure were sourced from the river bed at the bottom of the Gorge.

The second attraction which you’ll want to visit in Ronda is the Bullring located near the ‘Puente Nuevo’ and the Gorge. Considered the home of modern bullfighting, this beautiful monument is also one of the oldest bullrings in all of Spain. There are those who claim that this Bullring is the largest in Spain; however, this isn’t entirely true. Ronda’s Bullring actually only holds 5000 spectators; Madrid’s ‘Las Ventas’ holds many more. What is the largest in the world is Ronda Bullring’s central circle of sand where many bullfighters risk their lives before their die hard fans; this area is 66m wide!

Ronda Bullring

The Ronda Bullring

Another unique feature of the bullring is that it is built entirely of stone and has all of its seating under cover (see photo) – this comes in very handy on those warm summer afternoons!

The highlight of the year is the Feria Goyesca which takes place the 2nd week of September. Created by bullfighting ‘maestro’ and legend, Antonio Ordoñez, this beautiful spectacle is held in honour of the great Pedro Romero, one of the finest bullfighters ever to set foot on the sand of the bullrings central circle.

The ‘Goyesca’ is famous because of the wonderful costumes worn by the matadors and their assistants; these are reminiscent of those worn by characters who appear in Goya paintings. This is also a great opportunity to see many famous personalities in the stands of the bullring as the glitz and glamour of the event attracts the crème de la crème of Spanish high society.

Whilst you are in the The Ronda Bullring, you’ll want to take a peek at the ‘Museo Taurino’ (BullfightingMuseum) which is a very popular stop for tourists and visitors. Inside you’ll have the chance to view some of the most important bullfighting memorabilia dating back almost two centuries.

How to get to Ronda

The easiest route is via San Pedro de Alcántara. Just take the A-7 coastal road until you get to San Pedro de Alcántara (approx. 40 minutes from Sunset Beach Club) and then take the A-376 road which will take you all the way to Ronda. The whole journey will take approximately 1.5 hours, but it’s well worth it!)

photo credit: Luis Marín via photo pin cc

photo credit: titoalfredo via photo pin cc

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