Corpus Christi Celebrations in Benalmádena

This Sunday 3rd June, Benalmádena will celebrate Corpus Christi, a gorgeous festivity full of colour and amazing aromas thanks to a spectacular carpet of flowers laid on the streets by the villagers.
This beautiful festivity is celebrated in many Andalusian villages sixty days after Easter Sunday; however, Benalmadena Pueblo’s rendition is now regarded as one of the most beautiful in the province, attracting many visitors.

The town is almost ready for this year’s celebrations, all that remains is the impressive carpet of flowers which the villagers will lay on the streets during the early hours of Sunday morning.

If you’ve never visited Benalmadena Pueblo during the Corpus Christi celebrations, we highly recommend you take a trip up to the village this Sunday (Just make sure you get there before 12:00pm as this is when the procession starts and the flower arrangements get destroyed). It’s the perfect setting with the all the houses decorated with colourful ‘mantones’ (a type of blanket) hanging from the balconies, the streets covered with gorgeous scented flowers and, during the processions, multicoloured flower petals thrown from the balconies by the villagers.

There will be processions and flower-laden streets with stunning designs and patterns in Benalmadena Pueblo (the old village) as well as in Benalmádena Costa and Arroyo de la Miel.

The times of the processions are as follows:

Benalmádena Pueblo (Leaving from Santo Domingo de Guzmán Church) – 12:00h

Benalmádena Costa (Leaving from Virgen del Carmen church): 12:45h

Arroyo de la Miel: 20:15h

Many important personalities from Benalmadena, including the mayor, will take part in the processions carrying traditional palm leaves. You’ll also see many young boys and girls, who are celebrating their first communion, taking part in this breathtaking event.

To give you a quick idea of what to expect when you attend the Corpus Christi festivities, we’ve inserted a short video taken during 2015’s celebrations.

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