How to Pack your Bags: The Ultimate Video Demo!

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I’m always on the lookout for great tips and tricks related to travel and holidays. One of the biggest nightmares we suffer when we have to get on an plane is the ritual of packing!

Whether for business or pleasure, strict – and over the top – policies by airlines around the world mean that packing your bags efficiently has become synonimous with saving money! Every extra piece of luggage and every extra Kilogram costs a fortune (Up to 15 Euros per Kilo!!!).

Well, I might just have the solution to all your packing problems…. I found this video online whilst reading the Huffington Post Travel Blog (a great read if you are interested in travel) and just had to embed the video on our Blog so that our guests could view it.

This guy is the “master” of packing! I know a couple of colleagues in our commercial department who will happily use some of the tips oin the video for when they next travel abroad for an exhibition!

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