Are you a Sunset Beach Club ‘Top Fan’?

Top Fan - Fan of the Month

Those of you who are regular visitors to our Facebook page may have noticed a new tab labelled ‘Top Fans’.

So what exactly is this new tab and how will it benefit you? Well, every time you interact with our Facebook page you are helping us spread the word about our hotel and services, so we wanted to find a way to reward our most loyal and devoted fans for helping us share our content with their friends and family – Facebook friends, that is.

Clicking on this ‘Top Fans’ tab will actually take you to a special application featuring a leaderboard. This board helps to highlight Sunset Beach Club’s Superfans on Facebook; those people who regularly contribute to our special community by posting on our page, writing comments or simply clicking the ‘like’ button when we upload new content. 

A special scoring system rewards these contributions and participation (Likes, comments, posts, uploading photos, etc) by awarding points based on quality, not quantity. The leaderboard scores and ranks fans by the quality of their participation: Higher quality activity (on topic and engages with the community) will earn extra points.

Consistent activity over time is more valuable than repeatedly performing the same action. So for example, if you see our updates on your news feed every day and make an effort to interact by ‘liking’ or writing a comment, you’ll be rewarded with extra points. Lower quality activity (off topic and spam) will earn less points (negative).

So what do you do with all these points? Simple, at the end of every month we’ll see who has gained the most points and that person will receive a special gift and be our official ‘Fan of the Month’.

If you download the app, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Keep track of your personal points and activities
  • See where you rank among friends and the overall community
  • Browse the leaderboard and interact with other people and content

As mentioned earlier, we’ve got lots of great prizes for the monthly winners including Free t-shirts and other treats to enjoy during future stays. We’ll also feature our ‘Fan of the Month’ on our Facebook page… you’ll be famous!

Feel free to head on over to our ‘Top Fans’ Application on Facebook and sign in to start earning points. Don’t forget to check back at that end of each month to see if you are Sunset Beach Clubs Fan of the Month 🙂



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