Finnish author Marja Lennes at Sunset Beach Club

Marja Lennes showing us her latest novel

The other day we had the pleasure of meeting Marja Lennes, a Finnish author who has written nine crime/thriller novels. She and her co-author, Pirjo Peltoniemi, actually write under the pen name Kirsi Merimaan and are on the Costa del Sol promoting their latest novel. We ran into Marja in the reception area of the hotel as she was having her photo taken for a local Finnish magazine which is writing a feature about her. 

A copy of the book

A copy of Marja’s book

Being the curious bunch that we are, we couldn’t help but ask what they were doing, as the photos they were taking all included her holding a copy of her latest novel. It turns out that she’s a big fan of Sunset Beach Club, so much so that she has actually featured us in this latest novel!!!

Part of the story takes place in our hotel and – apparently – the protagonist falls in love with one of our waiters! Which one? We’re not sure… any guesses?

The novel is only available in Finnish at the moment but we’ll be sure to let you know when it has been translated to English so that you’ve got a good book to read next time you come and stay at Sunset Beach Club. 🙂