We are the Champions!

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Campeones, campeones, ohhh ehhhhh oohhhh eehhh

One hundred and sixteen minutes; that’s what it took the Spanish team break the solid Dutch defence last night! It wasn’t the most beautiful of football matches but it was definitely intense. The boys in red made us suffer – a little too long for my liking – but Iniesta’s goal 4 minutes away from the dreaded penalty shootout means that Spain win the world cup for the first time in history and complete a well deserved double after winning the European Championship 2 years ago.

The whole of Spain was rocking last night after the final whistle. All you could hear were the screams of jubilant fans, fireworks, car horns and even some attempts and blowing the, now world famous, vuvuzela’s! As we have been doing throughout the whole competition, we showed the game on the 3 metre screen at the Moonlight Bar; hundreds of guests gathered to watch the game and you can image what the atmosphere was like!

Iniesta Scores the Winning Goal

I am sure there are many people who have gone to work this morning without sleeping a wink; certainly a few tired – yet happy – faces around the hotel this morning! The celebrations will continue this afternoon as the whole of Spain welcomes home the triumphant Spanish players. Their flight is due to arrive at around midday and this afternoon they will go and see the king and the president; after that they will jump onboard an open top bus which will drive them around the streets of Madrid to show Spain’s first world cup to the thousands of fans who have stood by their team throughout the competition.  A massive turnout is expected and the festivities will surely go on into the early hours of the morning.

Congratulations once again to Spain for this well deserved victory! Campeones, Campeones, ooooh ehhh ohhh ehhhh ohhh ehhhh………

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