Wedpics: A Cool New App for Sharing Your Wedding Photos in Real Time

Wedpics app

Screenshots of the Wedpics app

Wedding photos come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got the masterpieces created by the official wedding photographer Elizabeth M and then there are the hundreds of photos taken by all the guests who attend.

Many couples use the traditional method of placing disposable cameras on all the tables in an attempt to encourage their guests to capture all those special moments. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a great alternative; it can be expensive if you have a big wedding, the analog quality of these photos is often disappointing and then you have to try and collect all the cameras and find a way of sharing all the photos with your guests!

And what about all the photos taken by guests with their own digital cameras or latest smartphone? How on earth do you collect all these photos into one place? Some will email them to you, others will send you a CD, there’s Facebook, Instagram and numerous photos sharing websites with complicated login procedures… Not a fun task!

Well, the other day, we came across a fantastic FREE App which we think will make the whole process of sharing wedding photos a breeze for Brides and Grooms: It’s called Wedpics and here’s how it works:

Wedpics is a smartphone application – it’s actually more of a platform – that shows a stream of wedding guests’ photos in real time and also acts as a standalone social picture-sharing app for the event.

Brides and grooms set up an account on Wedpics and are given a special code, unique to their wedding, they then need to get their guests to download the free app and enter this unique code which connects them to the private feed for the wedding. The admin dashboard actually allows you to invite your guests via email and Facebook 🙂

Once guests have the app on their phones – it’s available for iPhone and Android – they can take photos and add filters, comments and ‘likes’.

The photos taken are available in real time or can be viewed after the event through mobile or web devices. Those who like to take photos with their own digital cameras can also participate by uploading their photos through the web version. Once the wedding is over, the bride and groom can download all their photos onto their PC and print off hard copies if they wish.

Wedpics web version

Wedpics desktop version

This is a fantastic concept and I know that many of our brides and grooms will be delighted as it will allow families and friends who are overseas – and can’t attend the wedding – to see the images of the wedding ‘live’ as guests upload them; this allows them to be a part of the special day.

Here’s a list of all the features available on the Free version of Wedpics:

  • Unlimited photo upload via app and web
  • Wedding bio and a personalised cover photo
  • Unlimited guest participation
  • 5 Custom photo filters
  • Real time photo feed
  • Ability for users to interact with photos with comments and ‘likes’
  • Instant notifications
  • Personalised admin dashboard
  • Free photo downloads
  • 1 year free storage

So why is all this Free? Well, the app also offers premium upgrades to make the user experience even better. These are the features you would have to pay extra for:

  • High resolution album download
  • A multi speed slide show (great for a live feed on a large TV screen at your wedding :-))
  • 2 Year extended storage
  • Custom invite cards to give to guests, either through the official invitations or by placing them on tables at the wedding.

These premium features are a great addition; however, the Free version of the Wedpics app is more than adequate and a fantastic resource for anyone planning a wedding. For more information and to watch a video of how the app works, you can head over to the official website at www.wedpics.com .

Do you think you would use the Wedpics app for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. Jason DaRosa December 26, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    I used another app called Eversnap. (geteversnap.com )

    I might use Wedpics, but it doesn’t appear to have live streaming. Eversnap has a live slideshow feature. Does wedpics have this?


  2. Gabor January 23, 2019 at 10:26 am #



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