6th Edition of ‘Blues at Moonlight’ Festival: 22nd & 23rd November 2013

On the 22nd and 23rd November our Moonlight Bar will host the 6th edition of ‘Blues at Moonlight’, a festival which offers a mix of rockabilly and music with true American roots.

Organised and produced by Active Sound Productions, this year’s event will feature an impressive line up of musicians flying in from all over Europe especially to take part in this festival.

Poster for the Blues at Moonlight Festival in Benalmadena

Poster for the festival

Bands and musicians taking part include Mouse Zinn “Vigilante Man” (London), Kick’em Jenny (London), Lord Rochester (Scotland) and Louderdales (Germany). The local music scene is also well represented with 3 groups from Andalucía: The Sun Rockets (Almería), The Wild Shakers (Málaga/Córdoba) and Ric’ & The Rocks (Málaga).

As well as the fantastic line up of bands, there will also be 6 of the best DJ’s from Rockabilly and American roots scene: DJ Mark Lamborn (London), DJ Crackzorla (Barcelona), DJ Bop-Hop (Sevilla), DJ Deborah DevoBot (Málaga), DJ David Mockingbird (Cádiz) and DJ Tall Mike (Marbella).

On Saturday the 23rd November at 4:00pm, Buddy Holly fans will be treated to a great tribute act by ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ winner, Buddy Walker. This will take place on the terrace of the Oasis Restaurant and is free for all hotel guests and anyone with a weekend pass to the Festival.

Each and every one of these artists will be delighting spectators with their very own interpretations of authentic and genuine Rockabilly and music with American roots.

We must highlight the appearance of the great Mouse Zinn, lead singer of bands like Red Hot ‘n’ Blue and the Space Cadets, and one of the most influential musicians and DJ’s in the international Rockabilly music scene.

Here’s the programme of events for the Festival:

Friday 22nd November – Moonlight Theatre

09:00pm: DJ’s

10:00pm: Ric’ & the Rocks

11:00pm: DJ’s

12:00am: The Sun Rockets

01:00am: DJ

02:00am: Lord Rochester

03:30am: DJ’s

05:00am: Closing Time

Saturday 23rd November – Oasis Restaurant Terrace (SunsetBeach Club)

Note: €5 or free for hotel guests and anyone with an entrance ticket for the Festival.

04:00pm: DJ’s

05:00pm: The Buddy Holly Show

06:00pm: DJ’s

07:00pm: Closing Time

Saturday 23rd November – Moonlight Theatre

09:00pm: DJ’s

10:00pm: Kick’em Jenny & The Wild Shakers

11:00pm: DJ’s

12:00am: Louderdales

01:00am: DJ’s

01:30am: Mouse Zinn & The Sun Rockets

03:00am: DJ’s

05:00am: Closing Time

For more information or to purchase tickets, please ask at the Sunset Beach Club Leisure Desk located on the 6th floor of the hotel.

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  1. miguel November 19, 2013 at 6:16 pm #

    Very loud music!! This is not a theatre jazz event. It is a Rock ‘n Roll Dance Rockin’ blues LOUD MUSIC festival.
    ¡MÚSICA MUY FUERTE! Este no es un evento de jazz para estar sentado como en un teatro. Este es un festival de Rock ‘n Roll Rockin’ Blues para bailar con música muy fuerte.

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