Most popular easter processions in Malaga

With less than a week to go until the start of its famous ‘Semana Santa’ (Holy Week) – From 10th April to 17th April 2022 – the city of Malaga is gearing itself up to welcome thousands of visitors who every year line its streets to watch the breathtaking processions. 

It’s a truly unique experience that all visitors to the Costa del Sol should experience at least once. The sight of the gigantic thrones (known as Tronos) being carried by over 200 men and the colourful costumes worn by members of the brotherhoods; the smell of fresh flowers and burning incense; the sound of music and peoples cheering and singing… a truly memorable experience!

Malaga’s Semana Santa celebrations date back almost 500 years to the times of the Catholic Kings; nowadays this week of profound devotion and passion is one of the most eagerly awaited events on the city’s calendar. (You can read more about Malaga’s Holy Week HERE

More than 44 brotherhoods parade their ‘Tronos’ through the streets of Malaga during Holy Week; below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important and popular ones which you may wish to watch.

Although each of these processions has a specific itinerary and route through the streets of Málaga, all share a specific stretch (Known as the ‘official route’) which takes them through the main ‘Tribuna’ (Alameda) and the famous Calle Larios; this is probably the best place for you to watch the processions.

Here’s a list of the most important processions together with the time they are due to pass through the ‘official route’.

Palm Sunday (10th April)

La Pollinica: The brotherhood with the largest following in Malaga, this is the first of the Easter Processions – Passes by the main ‘Tribuna’ area at 12:15 pm

Monday (11th April)

El Cautivo: Probably the most well-known brotherhood in Malaga and with a massive following – Passes by the main ‘Tribuna’ area at 8:20 pm

Tuesday (12th April)

Virgen de las Penas: With her spectacular vale made of fresh flowers, this ‘Virgen’ passes by the main ‘Tribuna’ area 6:40 pm

Wednesday (13th April)

Jesús El Rico: Famous for its tradition of freeing a convict from prison every year (a privilege granted in the 18th Century by Carlos III) this procession passes by the main ‘Tribuna’ area at 9:35 pm.

Maundy Thursday (14th April)

Cristo de Mena (also known as Cristo de la Buena Muerte): Arriving in Malaga port at around 11:00 am, escorted by the Spanish Foreign Legion, this is probably the most popular, and certainly the most spectacular of the Easter processions. The procession also passes by the main ‘Tribuna’ area later in the evening at approximately 8:55 pm.

Video of the Cristo de Mena Procession

Virgen de la Esperanza: This enormous throne is actually the largest of all that take part in Holy Week – it passes by the main ‘Tribuna’ area at 11:50 pm.

Good Friday (15th April)

Calvario: Leaves from ‘Monte San Cristóbal’ on a long route which takes it past the main ‘Tribuna’ area at 6:40 pm.

Easter Sunday (17th April)

Cristo Resucitado: This is the main procession on Easter Sunday and passes by the main ‘Tribuna’ area at 11:05 pm.

Have you ever been to the Easter Processions in Malaga? Are you planning on going? Let us know in the comments below.

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