Concerts on the Costa del Sol - Summer 2024

Concert season is in full swing on the Costa del Sol. Many of our guests like to know what’s going on up and down the Coast as they often like to get out and experience some of the great nightlife we have on offer in this wonderful part of the world and a good concert is the perfect excuse for a great night out.

Yes, we do have a great entertainment programme on-site at Sunset Beach Club, with live music, tribute bands and musicals; however, sometimes even we can’t compete with the likes of Take That, Tom Jones or The Black Eyed Peas!

There are plenty of live concerts programmed along the coast over the summer: Below, we have highlighted some of the top concerts and shows with information on specific dates, venues and ticket prices.

(Note: Ticket prices are correct at the time of publishing this post but could vary as ticket availability changes. Please check the links at the bottom to see the latest prices.)

Concerts on the Costa del Sol – Summer 2024

DateConcertLocationCityTimePrice from:
13/5/24Ojeando Festival: La Plazuela, Queralt Lahoz, Ciervoss, KillmiyaEscenario PatioOjen21:00h33€
21/5/24Antoñito MolinaNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h33€
24 to 25/5/24Oh See MalagaAuditorio Municipal de MálagaMálaga29.95€
31//5/24Marc AnthonyOasis Marbella FestSan Pedro de Alcántara22:00h39€
31/5/24Pablo López101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00h38.50€
5/6/24RauleNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h30€
6/6/24José MercéNerja Caves FestivalNerja20:30h30€
8/6/24Camela101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00h28€
13/6/24Isabel PantojaNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:3080€
14/6/24Sidecars + Columpio AsesinoMarenostrum-Castillo SohailFuengirola22:00h30€
14/6/24Jamie CullumStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h31€
15/6/24Manolo GarcíaMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h47€
15/6/24Van MorrisonStarlite MarbellaMarbella21:00h89€
15/6/24Rozalén101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00h33€
21/6/24Sheryl CrowStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h40€
22/6/24ManáMarenostrumFuengirola22:00hSold Out
22/6/24AitanaStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h80€
22/6/24Andy y LucasMálaga FórumMálaga22:00h32€
22/6/24Israel Fernández101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00h33€
23/6/24Queens of the Stone AgeMarenostrumFuengirola22:00h55€
28/6/24Flamenco & Friends: A2velas, Juan Peña, Una y Nos VamosStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h30€
28/6/24Selvatic French Urban Fest: Gims + Marwa Loud + Leto Málaga FórumMálaga48€
29/6/24Space The 360MarenostrumFuengirola17:00h35€
29/6/24Vanesa MartínStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h37€
29/6/24Selvatic French Urban Fest: Soolking + Lacrim + Mister YouMálaga FórumMálaga48€
29/6/24David Bisbal101 Music Festival: Martín CarpenaMálaga22:00h44€
30/6/24JhaycoNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:00h30€
30/6/24JuanesMálaga FórumMálaga42€
2/7/24Ara MalikianNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h26.40€
3/7/24ChanelNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h33€
3/7/24Kany GarcíaMarenostrum-Castillo SohailFuengirola22:00h35€
3/7/24Myke TowersStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h97€
4/7/24Sohail Jazz Festival: Kurt RosenwinkelMarenostrum-Castillo SohailFuengirola21:00h25€
4/7/24EmiliaStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h43€
4 to 6/7/24Weekend Beach Festival: Europe, Steve Aoki, Alvaro de Luna, Beret, Lola Indigo y másWeekend Beach FestivalTorre del Mar20:00h70€
5/7/24Sohail Jazz Festival: Telmary & HabanasanaMálaga FórumMálaga42€
5/7/24Yandel+Alejo+Dei VAuditorio Municipal de MálagaMálaga22:30h77€
5/7/24Antoñito Molina101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00hSold Out
6/7/24CamiloStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h87€
6/7/24Film Symphony Orchestra101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00h38.50€
7/7/24Juan Luis GuerraMálaga FórumMálaga70€
8/7/24CamiloStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h99€
9/7/24India MartínezNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h45€
9/7/24KeaneStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h37€
9/7/24Bomba EstéreoMálaga FórumMálaga32€
10/7/24Luis FonsiNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h50€
10/7/24The CorrsStarlite MarbellaMarbella 22:00h50€
15/7/24Los ChichosMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h40€
12/7/24Ara Malikian + Lila DownsStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h39€
12/7/24Nicki NicoleMálaga FórumMálaga42€
12/7/24Luz Casal101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00h44€
13/7/24Vibras Marenostrum: Maluma, Lunay y masMarenostrumFuengirola18:30h55€
13/7/24Christian NodalStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h47€
13/7/24Dembow FestMálaga FórumMálaga42€
14/7/24Take ThatStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h89€
15/7/24Gilberto Santa RosaMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h48€
15/7/24Take ThatStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h 164€
16/7/24Carlos VivesStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h47€
17/7/24Manuel TurizoStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h54€
18 & 19/7/24Festival Flamenco: Homenaje a Paco de LucíaMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h19€
18/7/24FarrukoStarlite FestivalMarbella22:00h31€
19/7/24FarrukoNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h30€
19/7/24Gypsy KingsStarlite FestivalMarbella20:00h31€
19 & 20/7/24Puro Latino Fest: Anuel AA, Morad, Blessd, Saiko y másPuro Latino FestTorremolinos55€
19 & 20/7/24Big Sound Festival: Jhayco, Cali y el Dandee, Henry Medez y másAuditorio Cortijo de TorresMálaga29€
20/7/24Sergio DalmaNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h35€
20/7/24Locos por la Música Fuengirola ’24: Revolver, Los Rebeldes, Amistades Peligrosas, CotiMarenostrumFuengirola20:00h25€
20/7/24Pablo LópezStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h39€
20/7/24Vetusta Morla + Marilia Monzón + Sarria101 Music Festival: Plaza de TorosMálaga22:00h44€
21/7/24Mon LaferteMarenostrumFuengirola22:15h35€
21/7/24Black Eyed PeasMálaga FórumMálaga49€
22/7/24Simple MindsStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h40€
23/7/24Julieta VenegasMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h25€
23/7/24Tom JonesStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h59€
24/7/24Diana KrallStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h40€
25/7/24Manu ChaoMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h25€
25/7/24Ricky MartinStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h122€
25/7/24Brisa Festival : Mikel Izal + MarenPuerto de MálagaMálaga65€
26/7/24Rocío MolinaNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h20.50€
26/7/24Boombastic Costa del Sol: Rels B, Cruz Cafuné y másMálaga FórumMálaga74.99€
26/7/24Brisa Festival: Lori Meyers + Angel Stanish y másPuerto de MálagaMálaga65€
26/7/24I Love Reggaeton MarbellaOasis Marbella FestSan Pedro de Alcántara42€
27/7/24Loquillo Nerja Caves FestivalNerja22:30h46.20€
27/7/24Maceo Plex: SatisfaxionMarenostrumFuengirola17:00h25€
27/7/24Maldita NereaStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h31€
27/7/24Boombastic Costa del Sol: Arcángel, Funzo & Baby Loud y másMálaga FórumMálaga74.99€
27/7/24Brisa Fertival: El Kanka + Dorian + Kiko Veneno + Xoel LópezPuerto de Málaga Málaga65€
27/7/24Love the 90’s MarbellaOasis Marbella FestSan Pedro de Alcántara41€
28/7/24Galder VarasNerja Caves FestivalNerja22:20h26.40€
28/7/24Medina AzaharaMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h35€
29/7/24AitanaStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h73€
30/7/24AitanaStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h67€
31/7/24Luis MiguelStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h231€
1/8/24Eladio CarriónMarenostrumFuengirola21:30h22€
1/8/24Los SecretosStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h42€
2/8/24Luis MiguelStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h231€
2/8/24PitingoMálaga FórumMálaga35€
3/8/24Luis MiguelStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h231€
3/8/24Bella Festival 2024Oasis Marbella FestSan Pedro de Alcántara17:00h60€
4/8/24Faemino y CansadoMarenostrumFuengirola22:00h20€
5/8/24MalúStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h39€
6/8/24Antonio JoséStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h38€
7/8/24HauserStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h54€
8/8/24El BarrioMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h40€
8/8/24Miguel PovedaStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h34€
9/8/24Comandante LaraMarenostrumFuengirola22:00h22€
9/8/24UB40Starlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h36€
10/8/24EstopaMarenostrumFuengirola22:30hSold Out
10/8/24Nick CarterStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h35€
12/8/24TabureteStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h40€
13/8/24Niña PastoriMarenostrumFuengirola22:30h45€
13/8/24Placido DomingoStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h57€
14/8/24Oreja de Van GoghStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h33€
15/8/24Paula Mattheus & MarlonStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h31€
16/8/24Abraham Mateo y Nil MolinerStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h31€
27/8/24Sara BarasStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h32€
19/8/24Siempre AsíStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h31€
20/8/24Vanesa MartínStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h35€
21/8/24Pablo LópezStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h39€
21/8/24Canela Party 2024El Real de TorremolinosTorremolinos55€
22/8/24Rels BStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h50€
23/8/24Ana MenaStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h42€
24/8/24Paco CandelaMarenostrumFuengirola21:30h35€
24/8/24Elrow Town MarbellaOasis Marbella FestSan Pedro de Alcántara55€
25/8/24Fulanita Festival: Amaral, Belén Aguilera, Ladilla Rusa, Samurai, Julia MartínMarenostrumFuengirola17:00h32€
31/8/24Hombres GStarlite MarbellaMarbella22:00h51€
6/9/24Tarja Turunen & Marko HietalaMarenostrumFuengirola21:00h49.90€
6/9/24Ptazeta + Lia KaliMálaga FórumMálaga32€

To purchase tickets to the above concerts, please go to one of the following websites:

If you’re planning on going to one of these concerts on the Costa del Sol and are looking for accommodation, Sunset Beach Club is perfectly located and within an easy drive from Malaga and Marbella. Don’t forget that we have live music and shows in our Moonlight Theatre throughout the summer… Entrance is free and non-resident guests are welcome. Check our Events Calendar for more information or to check availability, go to our website !