La Noche en Blanco Malaga 2024

‘La Noche en Blanco’ (translated this means Sleepless Night) has established itself as one of Málaga city’s most important cultural events. On Saturday 18th May 2024 – from 8:00 pm to 01:00 am – all who visit the Costa del Sol’s capital will be treated to a fantastic selection of free cultural activities

This year’s event will feature 151 different activities spread out over more than 87 different locations throughout the city. All the activities are grouped into different categories and themes:

  • Street Performances
  • Art, Museums and Exhibitions
  • Performing Arts
  • Audiovisual Arts
  • Music & Dance
  • Nochecita en Blanco (Special activities for kids)
  • Extraordinary Visits & Activities

This year’s main theme is ”Lo Mágico'(The Magical). With impressive Urban style performances, a special children’s section, live music concerts and performances throughout the city street, Málaga city centre will become a cultural treasure chest for all who visit on this ‘magical‘ evening.

This cultural festival will allow visitors to the city to enjoy free access to all the planned events and activities, including entrances to the city’s most popular museums!

This year visitors will again be able to download the free app for the event. Available or iOS and Android, it’s called Noctiluca and will help you easily find all the activities through an intuitive interface. You’ll also be able to set up alerts for your favourite activities and use the geolocation function to identify activities located near your position as well as a detailed map and route of how to get there. 

Quick tip: Five hours isn’t long enough to see all the attractions and events so, if you’re thinking of going to ‘Lo Mágico’, make sure you plan your itinerary. Some of the activities may require reservations as availability is limited.

Here are some of the activities you might enjoy:

  • Free visits to the main museums in Malaga. For example…
    • The Pompidou Centre and the Russian Museum Collection propose ‘Project Light’ light installations, exploring the plastic capabilities of projected light.
    • The Picasso Birthplace Museum offers an immersion into the mythological world, which is represented in the works of Pablo Picasso, immersing the visitor in a creative installation previously made by the participants of their family workshops.
  • Shows in the Plaza de la Marina: Tribute to the magic of Malaga’s sunsets with two musical performances: a selection 80s and 90s hits by members of the Larios Pop Symphony Orchestra of Soho, from the Caixabank Soho Theatre; and the concert of one of the most renowned Spanish Rock bands: La Guardia.
  • Concerts in the Plaza de la Constitución: The ‘Symphony Orchestra’ will offer a concert dedicated to famous television series soundtracks.
  • Street Art:
    • ‘The Magic of the Sunset’ on Calle Larios. An immersive aerial installation that will transform Calle Larios into a living canvas, paying homage to the beauty of Malaga’s sunsets and ‘La Buena Vida’ (The Good Life).
    • In the Alameda Principal, in front of the Municipal Archive, you can see ‘Life continues between white sheets’, a work that consists of the creation of a large wall covered by thousands of notebooks with white sheets in the wind. A large-format piece made up of light and sound that will invade the street and symbolise the magic of a new life.
  • Malaga tourist bus with panoramic visits of the city.
  • Night visit to the Alcazaba from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Visits will be made at 20:00h, 21:00h, 22:00h, 23:00h and midnight in groups of 30 people. It is a guided tour with radio guides and headphones. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite. The visit that starts at 20:00h will be in English (as long as there are enough English speaking visitors).

Staying at Sunset Beach Club, you can just jump on the M110 bus which will take you straight into the centre of Málaga, the perfect place to start your ‘Lo Mágico’ adventure. For more information about Malaga’s ‘Noche en Blanco’, please ask at the leisure desk located on the 6th floor of the hotel.

Enjoy this superb cultural experience and let us know what you thought in the comments below 😉

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