Poster for Festival of Legends 2024
Poster for the Festival of Legends 2024

Saturday 11th May 2024 sees the start of, the ‘Festival of Legends’ at the Benalmádena Auditorium. This cultural event offers top-class ‘Tribute’ concerts throughout the months of May, September and October.

The concert series begins with ‘From the Wall’, a fantastic tribute to Pink Floyd. Throughout September and October we can also enjoy an exciting program composed of great artists who will perform hits by musical legends such as Quuem, Madonna, Phil Collins or Elton John. A highlight this year will be that many of the shows will include professional dancers to add to the spectacle.

Programme for the Festival of Legends

11th May: From the Wall – Tribute to Pink Floyd

18th May: Bon Jovi Tribute

25th May: Tribute to The Beatles & Electric Light Orchestra

7th September: Tribute to IL Divo & Three Tenors

8th September: Tribute to Whitney Houston

13th September: Tribute to Queen

14th September: Tribute to Madonna & Lionel Richie

15th September: The Elton John Experience with Paul Maxwell

20th September: Tribute to Phil Collins, George Michael and The Coovers

22nd September: The Beatles en Familia

27th September: Tribute to Kiss & AC/DC

28th September: Tribute to ABBA & BEE GEES BAND

29th September: Tribute to Bob Marley

4th October: Tribute to Robbie Williams & Take That

5th October: Tribute to Elvis, Sinatra and Buddy Holly

11th October: Tribute to Bon Jovi

12th October: Tribute to Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Cher, Neil Diamond & New Band

The ticket prices for each concert are as follows:

Early Bird Ticket: 20€

Box office: 25€

Residents & Pensioners: 15€

Reservations: Call 633 647260 or you can access the Corte Inglés website or Eventbrite to buy tickets.