Cool Technique for Packing Luggage [Infographic]

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I came across a really clever technique for packing luggage on www.visual.ly  (Infographics site) the other day. Luckily it had an embed link so I thought I’d add it below as it could come in handy for all of us who struggle when packing bags and luggage for a holiday or business trip.
Although the infographic is pretty self explanatory, I’ll include the main tips below. The example in the infographic is for a woman packing for a 10 day trip but I’m sure the concept can still be applied to guys 😉
  1. Roll up all your items of clothing: This not only saves space but also stops the clothes getting wrinkled.
  2. Don’t pack any large and bulky items such as travel irons or hangers; all these can be found at the hotel.
  3. You need to lay your shoes along the walls of your suitcase leaving the centre area empty.
  4. Put larger clothes items such as jeans, chinos and trousers in the bottom of the case.
  5. The next couple of layers will be made up of lighter clothing items such as sweaters, shirts, shorts and skirts.
  6. Leave the top layer for items such as toiletries cosmetics etc.
That’s basically it. Just follow the easy guidelines in the infographic below and you’ll soon be packing like the pros!
Do you have any other packing tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Luggage packing technique

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