Luna Beach Club Staff Rescue a Baby Dolphin Which Crashed into the Rocks Last Saturday

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Baby Dolphin at Luna Beach ClubLast weekend’s strong easterly winds and gigantic waves brought an unexpected visitor to the shores of Luna Beach Club: A baby dolphin. 

Disoriented by the rough seas the tiny creature could not fight the heavy seas and smashed against the rocks of the peer located just in front of Luna Beach. Realising that the dolphin was in trouble, the Luna staff quickly ran to its rescue and carried it to the ‘relative’ safety of the beach as it was clear that it could not fend for itself.

As you can see from the photos above and below, they covered the dolphin with wet towels and constantly poured sea water over him to keep him alive. Meanwhile the police were alerted of the situation. They arrived in no time with a team of vets and marine biologists from the ‘Aula del Mar’ Institute in Málaga, ready to do everything they could to save the little dolphin’s life.

The initial examinations seemed to suggest that the poor animal had become disoriented due to an infection by a parasite. However, the most serious injury was the broken jaw it had sustained from crashing against the rocks.

Luna Beach Team try to save DolphinAfter stabilizing the dolphin, the marine biologists decided to transport it to their centre in Málaga where they would be able to provide the necessary care and treatment.

Unfortunately, we received news later on in the evening that they had been forced to put the dolphin down due to the severity of its injuries. The broken jaw made it impossible for the dolphin to feed itself… a sad ending to this story.

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