Sunset Beach Club: A Truly ‘Green’ Hotel

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Getting rid of the red palm weevil...

The management at Sunset Beach Club has set itself the task of turning our hotel into a property which respects the environment and its surroundings; a specific and detailed environmental policy will allow us to become a ‘green’ hotel. To help us with this challenging task, we have partnered with local company, Biogrove.

With offices in Arroyo dela Miel, Biogrove specialises in preventative and healing treatments for the elimination of plagues and diseases in trees and plants. They also offer guidance in issues relating to the management of soil fertility, help in choosing what species to plant and with everything relating to the creation and maintenance of all green areas within the hotel.

These are some of the initiatives we are undertaking at the moment, initiatives that will allow us to reach our goal of becoming a ‘green’ hotel:

  • We have started to only use organic fertilizers in our gardens. These fertilizers are made from fish manure and can be used in organic farming. Our aim is to eliminate – as much as possible – the use if chemical products that are harmful to health.
  • All gardening machinery used in our installations is specially designed to reduce noise and emissions. A clear example is the electric blowers used for sweeping leaves and rubbish in streets and pathways.
  • Special herbicide machines which use infrared technology are used to eliminate waste and residues.
  • Fixed installations in palm trees avoid having to use contaminating sprays.
  • For pest control, we use organic products based on natural extracts like garlic or nettles.
  • The use of beneficial insects which attack their natural enemies helps combat plagues such as the dreaded red palm weevil. By using special traps which contain pheromones (scented hormones) to attract and capture the red palm weevil and other unwanted insects, we can measure the magnitude of the plague and the areas that are most affected by it.

Thanks to these initiatives, the hotel drastically reduces the amount of dangerous waste created and also avoids many of the inconveniences (noise and smell) which can affect our guest’s holidays.

By respecting natural cycles and systems, preserving and improving the health of the soil, water, plants and animals within the grounds of our hotel, we hope that these new environmentally friendly initiatives will contribute to establishing Sunset Beach Club as a truly ‘green’ hotel.

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