Benalmadena Introduces New QR Codes at Local Tourist Attractions

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Benalmadena QR Codes

Try scanning this QR Code and see where it takes you...

If you’ve walked around any of Benalmádena’s most popular tourist attractions lately, you may have come across some strange looking barcodes located in special frames and posted in visible areas; these are the new QR Codes (Quick Response) which the town hall will be using to provide tourists and visitors with detailed information about the town’s attractions.

For those of you who are less familiar with the latest technological gadgets and technologies, I’ll quickly explain what a QR Code is and how it works.

QR Codes are a type of barcode which, when placed at specific tourist attractions, allows visitors to access immediate information about them (opening times, historical info, photos, etc) by pointing their smart-phone at the QR Code. A special scanner within the phone – which you can download for free – reads the code and automatically sends you to a website featuring the tourist attraction in question.

The following attractions around Benalmadena have QR Codes which you can scan during your visit: Selwo Marina, Tivoli World, Sea Life, BenalmadenaButterflyPark, La Niñade Benalmádena Statue, Puerto Marina, the Casa dela Cultura, Castillo de Colomares, the Pre-Columbian Museum, PalomaPark, Santa Ana Beach and Bil-Bil Castle. There are plans to install more QR Codes in the near future.

We’re so inspired by this initiative that we’re already planning to start using QR Codes around Sunset Beach Club. Keep your smart phones loaded 🙂


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