Vakantiebeurs Utrecht 2009

Ever heard of Vakantiebeurs? Well you may have heard of The Holiday World Show, this is the Dutch equivalent! Sunset Beach Club’s head of the Golf and Leisure desk will be attending, she arrives later today and will be sharing a stand with the Spanish Tourism Board.

Earlier this year…

New image found from 50+ beurs in Utrect, Holland in September this year. Annemie, our golf and car hire co-ordinator was working hard for Sunset Beach Club, on the Andalucian Tourism stand!

Success at the NEC Golf Show

The Firefighters Charity had a well-visited stand at the NEC Golf Show in Birmingham, where they hosted a popular putting competition, and all participants were given free Sunset Beach Club golf pencils and tees. Sunset Beach Club are delighted to sponsor some golf tournaments for this worthy cause, so make sure to check out how you can also become involved. If you are interested in finding more about the charity visit or for information about the various golf tournaments, visit .

End of NEC Golf Show 2008

Sunset Beach Club’s Commercial Director had a great time at this year’s NEC Golf Show! To see more about golf shows that Sunset Beach Club will be attending visit

NEC Golf Show 2008

This year will be Birmingham’s 2nd Golf Show. The NEC Golf Show is from the 21st – 23rd November and set to be a fantastic event! Not only will Sunset Beach Club’s Commercial Director be attending, there will also be a variety of famous faces, including Dane Bowers & Vernon Kay!

Marbella buzzing with Golf Tour Operators!!

Great atmosphere in Marbella’s Orange Square last night. Bustling with golf tour operators attending this year’s IGTM, the Costa del Sol continues it’s great golfing reputation!

2008 IGTM, Marbella Costa del Sol

This year once again the Costa del Golf is home to the IGTM! People from all over the world will be attending to Marbella here on the Costa del Sol. Sunset Beach Club’s sister resort La Cala will be attending, also if you are visiting and looking for somewhere to stay then why not combine business and pleasure with us!

Big Golf Group Arrival!

Sunset Beach Club are currently preparing for the arrival of their biggest group so far this year. The Offaly group will arrive tomorrow and what great weather we have for them! Most of the group will be taking advantage of the leisure desk facility and arranging golf trips!

Scandinavian Masters

Sunset Beach Club’s Commercial Director recently returned from 2008’s Scandinavian Master in Stockholm!

Costa del Golf!

Why not take advantage of the fantastic weather and treat yourself to a day of golf? With it not yet being summer temperatures, the weather is just perfect to enjoy strolling around one of the coast’s many brilliant golf courses. If you don’t know thich one to choose then the Sunset Beach Club leisure desk will will have no hesitations in helping you to arrange your day’s golfing details.

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