Enjoy Great Tapas at this Year’s “Ruta de la Tapa” in Benalmádena Pueblo

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ruta de la tapa de benalmadena

A Selection of Tapas

The town of Benalmádena celebrates its third “Ruta de la Tapa”. This unique event starts on Friday the 15th October end continues until the 24th October and the town hall hope that it will help to vitalize restaurant activity and attract clients at a time when tourist activity is lower.

So what exactly is a “Ruta de la Tapa”? Well, basically, its an event where various establishments – in this case there are thirty – agree to form part of a gastronomic route that allows participants to sample a wide variety of traditional tapas for a set price which includes a drink – prices at this event are a very reasonable, 1.50 per tapa and drink! – Visitors are given a “passport” which they have to hand in at each establishment they visit so that it can be stamped. At the end of the route, visitors hand in the passports and are then entered into a prize draw where they can win various prizes. All visitors who participate in this year’s event will also be given special handkerchiefs which they will have to wear around their necks; this allows the establishments to identify anyone taking part.

The prizes for this year’s raffle include the following: free breakfast, lunch or dinners at the various restaurants and bars taking part; entrances to some of Benalmadena’s amusement parks and the star price this year: two cruises around the Mediterranean for 4 people!

Definitely a different experience for you to enjoy on your holidays; a great variety of tapas and wines all at very reasonable prices (1.50 Euro for a tapa and drink) and, of course, the chance to win a fantastic cruise!

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