Photos of the ‘Erotic’ Tapas Route in Fuengirola

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the upcoming ‘Erotic’ Tapas Route in our neighbouring town of Fuengirola. Thousands of people have since visited the 80 bars and restaurants taking part in this fun initiative and have had the chance to sample the imaginative and somewhat riské tapas on offer.

We promised to do some field work and join the Tapas Route to try some of these ‘spicy’ creations and report back on our findings; it was tough work but we managed to make our way through the hoards of people and get some photographic evidence of the tapas we got to taste.

Below you’ll find photos of some of these ‘Erotic’ tapas with their names  (and their rough translations) the name of the bar/restaurant serving them and a brief description of the ingredients used to make them (at least the ones we could work out :-)):

#1 Lengua Sedienta (Dry tongue): The popular ‘La Plaza’ Bar is serving this tapa which is basically your traditional jamon serrano on a piece of toasted bread with olive oil and tomato; the olives and guerkins provide the more erotic touch. Not very adventurous but still tasty and goes down well with a cool beer 🙂

La Plaza - Lengua Sedienta- Ruta de la tapa erotica

Lengua Sedienta

 #2 Amor Incomprendido (Love misunderstood): Head over to Tapería de Salamanca for this interesting tapa; Two layers of fried aubergine filled with creamy spinach. Paté, jamon serrano and carrots make up the decoration. Not too sure what this is suposed to be… a face?

Tapería de Salamanca - Amor Incomprendido

Amor Incomprendido

#3 Quiteme el Sostén (Take off my bra): At ‘La Cueva de 1900’ you’ll be able to try this colourful tapa which is a type of wrap filled with spices and marmelade – different but tasty nonetheless!

La Cueva de 1900 - Quitame el sostén- Ruta de la tapa erotica de Fuengirola

Quitame el sostén

#4 Dulce Placer (Sweet Pleasure): This provocative tapa can be found at La Solera. It’s a ‘flamenquín’ (meat, cheese and ham rolled up and fried in breadcrumbs) on a bed of melted cheese with a quail’s egg for decoration. Looks a little rude but tastes great!

La Solera - Dulce Placer - Ruta de la tapa erotica

Dulce Placer

#5 Si la Pruebas, Te la Comerás (If you try it you’ll eat the lot!): El Meson de Andrés prepared this colourful tapa which included ‘Ensaladilla Rusa’ (Potato Salad), mussels, roast peppers and toasted bread… interesting!

El Mesón de Andrés - Si la pruebas, te la comerás

Si la pruebas, te la comerás

#6 Un Repasito Completo (The full works!): The guys at El Pasillo de Jesús really went to town with their impressive tapa; this one had a bit of everything including roast apple, cheese, gelatine, meat, paté, prawns and noodles. This was our favourite 🙂

El Pasillo de Jesús  - Un repasillo completo - Ruta de la tapa erotica de Fuengirola

Un repasillo completo

#7 ¡A que te pico! (I’m going to bite you!): At Gastro Taberna Picoteo we found this simple but nicely presented tapa which included a crispy prawn which was served with a special sauce which came in a small bottle (haven’t a clue what was in the sauce but it was yummy!!!)

Gastro Taberna Picoteo - ¡A que te pico! - Ruta de la tapa de fuengirola

¡A que te pico!

#8 Sorpresaaa (Surprise!): La Taberna del Pintxo kept things simple with their tapa of deep fried prawns which revealed a ‘naughty’ photo when picked it up to eat it.

La Taberna del Pintxo - Sorpresaaa...Ruta de la tapa de Fuengirola



Hope you liked the photos of the ‘Erotic’ tapas… you’ve got until Sunday to head over to Fuengirola and try them for yourself!

Have you been to the ‘Erotic’ Tapas Route? What did you think? Did you try any of the tapas we’ve highlighted above? Let us know in the comments below…


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