Golfboard flying down the fairway

Golfer ‘surfing’ down the fairway

Golf is a fun and relaxing sport; however, an amazing new invention could revolutionise the sport, especially amongst younger players. Introducing the new GolfBoard, a fun and speedy new way to get around the golf course! 

Hailed as the most innovative creation for the golf industry since the introduction of the softspike, the new GolfBoard lets you ‘surf’ the fairways (literally) of your favourite golf course.

These state of the art electric powered boards could well replace the golf buggy as the preferred method of transport around the golf course. Golfers will feel the freedom that walking gives with the added bonus of speeding up the pace of play; Mr. Marshall will certainly be happy 😉

The GolfBoard’s size and weight means it will have less impact on the turf than golf buggies and the latest lithium-ion batteries it runs on provide enough power to play 36 holes without charging.

These new boards can reach speeds of 19 Km/h, similar to a golf buggy, so care and attention is required to avoid unnecessary accidents or injuries. That being said, the designers have incorporated various safety features including an automatic parking brake that activates when a golfer steps off the board, and a fully enclosed drive train that protects hands and fingers from moving parts. Four wheel drive technology also evenly distributes power to the GolfBoard’s 9 inch turf tires practically eliminating tire-spin often experienced in the larger golf buggies.

GolfBoard with stability bar and bag holder

GolfBoard with stability bar and bag holder

As you can see in the images, golfers have a choice of options. They can carry their bags on their backs as if walking the course or, if they are a little concerned about stability, they can opt for the handle bar bag mount effectively converting the GolfBoard into a stand-up personal golf cart.

Another of the advantages of the GolfBoard is that you don’t have to sacrifice the exercise you would get from walking around the course. By choosing the carrying option as you ride your board, you’ll be engaging your core muscles as well as your balance and getting a full body workout!

Production of the new GolfBoard is due to begin in the next few weeks and we should start to see them on golf courses this summer. If you’d like more information or to watch a video of the GolfBoard in action, go to the official website at

Let’s hope some of the local Costa del Sol Golf courses have made their orders as we’d certainly love to give it a try! Annemie and Susanna on the Sunset Beach Club Golf Desk will certainly keep their ears to the ground and will let us know the moment these innovative new devices are available here on the