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Our Very Own Cinderella Story……

Although the weather wasn’t as good as we would have wished for, yesterday’s wedding went very well and was enjoyed by all;  someone certainly must have enjoyed themselves as we found a very nice pair of shoes next to Reception this morning! (See photo below) Anyone know who they belong to?

Cinderella´s shoes left at reception

Anyone know who these shoes belong to?

The shoes somehow made their way to the bay window area next to Reception and have remained there all day. Now before anyone has a go at the housekeeping team for not removing them, we actually decided to leave them there and see if the owner decided to retrieve them, but nothing yet….. probably a little embarrassed! 😉

It really is our very own Cinderella story as yesterday’s wedding even had a horse and carriage to take the bride and groom to the church. Not sure if they turned in to a pumpkin and mice at the end of the night but those shoes are definitely still looking for an owner!

Horse & Carriage for Wedding at Sunset Beach Club

Horse & Carriage for Yesterday's Wedding

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