Torremolinos Hosts The European Dance Championship 2012

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2012 European Dance Championship in TorremolinosAs from next Monday the 27th February 2012 – and until the 3rd March – Torremolinos will be hosting a new edition (the 23rd) of the European Dance Championship.

This important event will attract more than 3000 participants from all overEuropeand will receive wide television and written press coverage.

Those of you who enjoy dancing will be able to visit the Palacio de San Miguel in Torremolinos and watch the great show up close: Tango, Waltz, Pasodoble, Salsa, Rock, Chachachá, Sevillanas, Artistic Dance, and Spanish Dance are just some of the amazing styles and disciplines gracing the dance floors of the Palacio.

The “show” starts on Monday morning (27th February) with the official parade. All the participants will walk the streets of Torremolinos showing off their beautiful dance attire, accompanied by two well known Spanish models – Fran Ramírez and Elisa Guahnich – who will be leading the parade.

Official Programme for the European Dance Championship 2012

Every afternoon at 3:00 pm (Monday to Saturday) – and on the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10:00 am – you’ll be able to watch the selection sessions where the judges decide on the couples who will go through to their respective finals. The rest of the activities and competitions are outlined in the programme below. Don’t miss the Grand Emperor’s Ball which will be held on Wednesday 29th February at 21:00 hrs… it’s a truly dazzling spectacle!

Monday 27th February

10:00 am – Official Parade (Starting from Centro Cultural Pablo Ruiz Picasso)

9:00 pm – Official Inauguration and Evening Gala

Spanish Championship – Spanish Dance Final

Spanish Championship – Sevillanas Final

European Championship – Artistic Dance Final (18-30, 12-18 and under 12 yrs)

Tuesday 28th February

9:00 pm – Spanish Championship Final (Waltz, Tango & Pasodoble) (50-60 & +60 yrs)

European Championship – Tango Final (All categories)

European Championship – Artistic Dance Final (30-50, over 50 yrs)

Wednesday 29th February

9:00 pm-Spanish Championship Final (Waltz, Tango & Pasodoble)(18-30 & 30-50 yrs)


European Championship – Viennese Waltz Final (All categories)

Thursday 1st March

9:00 pm – Spanish Championship Final (Waltz, Tango & Pasodoble)(12-18 & under 12 yrs)

European Championship – Cha-Cha-Cha Final (30-50 & over 50 yrs)

European Championship – Java Final (Over 50 yrs)

European Championship – Pasodoble Final (All categories)

Friday 2nd March

9:00 pm – 23rd European Dance Championship Final (Waltz, Tango & Pasodoble) (12-18, +60 & under 12 yrs)

European Championship – Cha-Cha-Cha Final (12-18, 18-30 & under 12 yrs)

European Championship – Salsa Final (12-18, 18-30, 30-50. over 50 & under 12 yrs)

Saturday 3rd March

9:00 pm – 23rd European Dance Championship Final (Waltz, Tango & Pasodoble) (18-30, 30-50, 50-60 yrs)

European Championship – Rock n’Roll Final (18-30, 30-50, 12-18 and under 12 yrs)

European Final – Dance Groups (Free Style)

Access to the selection sessions at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm each day is free; however, if you wish to watch the evening finals at 9:00 pm, there is a €5 entrance fee.

If you’re planning on visiting the Costa del Sol during the 2012 European Dance Championships or are indeed hoping to watch this amazing festival of dancing, why not stay with us at Sunset Beach Club? We’re on the sea front just minutes from Torremolinos and we’ve got rooms from just €47 per night! For more information or to check availability please visit www.sunsetbeachclub.com

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