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11 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Benalmádena (and surrounding area)

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Map of The Best Tourist Attractions in Benalmádena  and surrounding area

Click on the map (above) to see the full interactive map

Benalmádena is a fantastic holiday destination for all types of traveller, especially families with children. 

Here at Sunset Beach Club we are constantly on the lookout for interesting information about our wonderful resort which we can then pass on to our guests to help them plan their holiday. That’s what this blog is all about… sharing useful information about Benalmadena and the Costa del Sol in general. :-)

If you’re staying with us, you can always head up to the Leisure Desk located on the 6th floor of the hotel (next to the main entrance) and ask Susanna about the best tourist attractions in Benalmadena. If not, you can use this blog post as your very own guide to the best places to visit. Continue Reading →


Benalmadena to Launch Foreign Tourist Attention Centre to Help Victims of Crime

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Foreign Tourist Attention CentreAccording to the Spanish Secretary of State for Security, less than one out of every thousand tourists who visit Spain are victims of crime; a low figure which contributes to Spain’s popularity as a safe and popular holiday destination. 

That being said, this low crime doesn’t console the unlucky few who do fall victim to petty thieves who take advantage of occasional lapses.

These unfortunate incidences usually mean having to go to the police and file a report,  phone banks to cancel credit cards and contact local consulates or embassies to report stolen passports. This could mean hours spent at the local police station without a qualified translator and valuable holiday time wasted.  Continue Reading →


10 of Our Most Popular Photos on Instagram

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Did you know that we have a profile for Sunset Beach Club on the popular photo sharing app, Instagram?

Feel free to stop by and see our collection of photos featuring Sunset Beach Club, Benalmadena and other fabulous locations along the Costa del Sol. We post images you wont find on our other social networks; the creativity and originality of  the images being shared daily on this easy-to-use photo sharing platform is spectacular.

If you’ve got an Instagram account, you can follow us here ; If you don’t, what are you waiting for? It’s great fun!

If you stay with us at Sunset Beach Club and take a photo with Instagram whilst you are here, please feel free to tag the image with the following hashtag #sunsetbeachclub :-)

Below you’ll find some of our most popular photos on Instagram. By popular, we mean number of likes and comments received. Here goes…

Photo taken in February 2014 on the Sunset Beach Club promenade…

Taken from the window next to Reception, this photo was taken on a windy December day…

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6 of Benalmadena’s Most Popular Walking and Hiking Routes [Guide]

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Map of Benalmadena Walking & Hiking Routes

Map of Benalmadena’s Walking and Hiking Routes (Click on the map to see larger version)

Do you enjoy walking and hiking in the countryside? Although better known as a sun and beach holiday destination, Benalmadena also offers many fun and entertaining activities during the quieter winter months. Two of those activities are walking and hiking.

Benalmadena actually boasts an impressive network of natural walking routes and trails from which you can experience unbelievable views of the Costa del Sol and beyond.

These routes are spread over the Municipality’s vast expanse which stretches into the hills and mountains behind Benalmadena Pueblo and Arroyo de la Miel. The town hall has actually been promoting these walking routes at recent travel trade fairs and has also invested in maintenance and cleaning-up of the 6 routes it recommends. Continue Reading →


Mijas Pueblo Gets a Makeover

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Mijas Flower potsThe town of Mijas is famous for its whitewashed buildings, picturesque setting overlooking the Coast and, of course, its donkeys! These distinctive attributes have made this beautiful town a favourite destination for tourists who visit the Costa del Sol and wish to experience the charm and beauty of a traditional SpanishVillage.

Well, things are about to get even more traditional as the Town Hall has just released plans to make Mijas even more beautiful by introducing hanging plant pots to the exterior of buildings along 26 of the streets in the town’s historic centre.

The installing of plant pots in the exterior of buildings is very traditional in certain areas of Andalucia; the famous patios of Cordoba are a perfect example. This new ‘makeover’ is sure to be a big hit amongst tourists and locals and will  help to maintain Mijas’ position as ‘must-visit’ destination for all who travel to the Costa del Sol.

The pots will be painted in vivid blues and greens which against the whitewashed walls of the buildings will represent the colours of the Mijas Flag. At the moment there are approximately 400 hooks installed for holding the plant pots but this figure will soon be increased to 1000, an impressive number for such a small town!

According to the towns planning councillor, Manuel Navarro, the plant pots will be filled with geraniums, ferns, adelfas and other aromatic species such as rosemary and lavender which will undoubtedly create some spectacular photo opportunities, not to mention the incredible scents and aromas :-)

There is no doubt that this new initiative is set to reinforce Mijas’ position and reputation as a true Andalusian White Village. We hope you’ll get a chance to head up into the hills and see this new ‘makeover’ for yourselves!



Experience Spain: A New App to Help You Explore the Real Spain

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The Spanish Tourist Board (Turespaña) and travel social network Minube have joined forces to launch a new travel app for iPad, iPhone and iPod: Experience Spain. The new application aims to ‘inspire’ the more that 55 million tourists who visit Spain each year by helping them plan their stay through the recommendations of thousands of other fellow travellers.

There is no doubt that for many travellers, mobile handsets such as smartphones and tablets are slowly substituting more traditional paper based books and guides. Mobile technology will play a significant part in the future of travel and this new application will provide technology buffs with an invaluable travel companion.

Experience spain App

Screen shot of the Experience Spain app...

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