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How to Make a Tasty Paella in Just 15 Minutes

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Making a Paella at Sunset Beach ClubOne of the most popular activities here at Sunset Beach Club is the Spanish Cooking lessons our animation team puts on for our guests every Wednesday.

The star of these cooking lessons? Spain’s most famous and popular dish: The Paella.

There are many recipes and formulas that promise the secret to the ‘Ultimate Paella’; however, the reality is that a Paella can be made with lots of different ingredients allowing the cooks creativity to shine.

If you go to Valencia (Where the paella originated) it’ll look and taste different to the paella you’ll find here on the Costa del Sol. The important thing is that they all taste amazing and make for a delicious and enjoyable meal 🙂 Continue Reading →

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‘Spicy’ Photos From The Erotic Tapas Route in Fuengirola (2013)

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Photos of 'Erotic' TapasWe recently wrote about the Erotic Tapas Route which was to be held in Fuengirola at the start of November. This fun and ‘cheeky’ event has grown in popularity over that last few years and now attracts thousands of visitors from all over Spain.

As it’s such a unique concept, we like to get our roving reporters on the scene to grab photographic evidence of these ‘erotic’ tapas and see what all the fuss is about. Our intrepid colleague, Inma, enlisted the help of some of her friends and – camera in hand – started her adventure visiting many of the bars and restaurants participating in the Erotic Tapas Route. Continue Reading →

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Things To Do in Malaga: Gourmet Tapas Tours

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Photo of Tapa in MalagaWe’re always looking for fun and interesting things for out guests to do whilst on holiday with us and we think we might well have stumbled across a great one here: Gourmet Tapas Tours in Malaga.

It’s funny how we came across these unique tapas tours… they actually mentioned us on Twitter after having taken a group of guests who were staying at our hotel on one of their fabulous gastronomic tapas tours of Malaga. Turns out they’ve actually had over 30 groups of Sunset Beach Club guests take one of their tours so they must be doing something right 🙂 Continue Reading →

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Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat at Malaga Airport?

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Dani Garcia Deli Bar at Malaga airport

We’re not sure if it’s the best place but it will certainly provide a welcomed change to the overpriced sandwiches and snacks available at most of Malaga airports food outlets.

Local chef, Dani García (2 Michelin stars) recently launched his latest gastronomic concept, a Deli Bar aiming to seduce traveller’s senses with a range of mouth watering dishes with a clear identity: the gastronomic traditions of the south of Spain and the use of local produce.  Continue Reading →

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Valentine’s Day at Sunset Beach Club

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Valentines Day in Benalmadena

What special gift do you have planned for your loved one on Valentine’s Day?

If you’re struggling for ideas, we think we might be able to help…

Surprise your partner by celebrating Valentine’s Day at Sunset Beach Club. We’ve got several options for you to choose from: Romantic dinner for two in our Oasis Restaurant (See menu below); Romantic dinner and 1 nights accommodation including buffet breakfast; Romantic dinner, 1 night’s accommodation with buffet breakfast and lunch.

Our Valentine’s day dinner will be held on Saturday 16th February 2013. The evening will start off with a welcome cocktail (love potion!) at 9:00pm followed by a delicious 4 course meal which you can see in the image below: Continue Reading →

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Churros: A Typical Spanish Breakfast Treat You Must Try!

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Churros with Chocolate

The thinner knotted churros found 'up north'

Have you ever tried ‘Churros’? No idea what we’re talking about? Stick around as we’re about to tell everything you need to know about this delicious Spanish treat!

A ‘Churro’ – sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut – is a popular fried dough snack which is normally eaten for breakfast accompanied by a bowl of thick hot chocolate or a good café con leche. The ingredients for the typical churro couldn’t be simpler: A mixture of flour, water and salt. Once the mixture is prepared it goes into a ‘churrera’ (special churro making machine) which then squeezes the doughy mixture into a large fryer where it’ll remain until crispy and crunchy – this usually takes about  30 seconds! Continue Reading →

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A List of the Best Bars in Benalmádena

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bars in benalmadena

A while back we asked our Facebook fans to name their favourite bars in Benalmádena. Forty six people replied with their top choices so we thought we’d include them here on the blog in case future guests are in need of some recommendations as to the best places to enjoy their favourite drink!

We’ve prepared the list in order of most mentions; that doesn’t mean one is better than the other but does give you an idea of which are most popular amongst Sunset Beach Club guests 😉  Continue Reading →

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Photos of the ‘Erotic’ Tapas Route in Fuengirola

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A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the upcoming ‘Erotic’ Tapas Route in our neighbouring town of Fuengirola. Thousands of people have since visited the 80 bars and restaurants taking part in this fun initiative and have had the chance to sample the imaginative and somewhat riské tapas on offer.

We promised to do some field work and join the Tapas Route to try some of these ‘spicy’ creations and report back on our findings; it was tough work but we managed to make our way through the hoards of people and get some photographic evidence of the tapas we got to taste.

Below you’ll find photos of some of these ‘Erotic’ tapas with their names  (and their rough translations) the name of the bar/restaurant serving them and a brief description of the ingredients used to make them (at least the ones we could work out :-)):

#1 Lengua Sedienta (Dry tongue): The popular ‘La Plaza’ Bar is serving this tapa which is basically your traditional jamon serrano on a piece of toasted bread with olive oil and tomato; the olives and guerkins provide the more erotic touch. Not very adventurous but still tasty and goes down well with a cool beer 🙂

La Plaza - Lengua Sedienta- Ruta de la tapa erotica

Lengua Sedienta

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The Arroyo de la Miel Tapas Fair: From the 21st to the 27th May

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Tapas fair in arroyo de la mielNext Monday the 21st May 2012 sees the start of the Arroyo de la Miel Tapas Fair. The recent tapas boom has made its way to Arroyo and for a whole week will offer local businesses a great opportunity to attract new business.

This year the event organisers have established a few new rules for the event: The usual Tapas credentials (little booklets) will be available for all who wish to participate but only one stamp will be allowed per establishment. In order to be able to enter the great prize draw, participants will have to obtain 10 stamps, one for each tapa consumed in a different bar or restaurant. It’s a great incentive to visit more establishments.

Credentials will be available in the actual bars and restaurants participating in the tapas fair; once they are filled in with the compulsory 10 stamps, they can be deposited in special containers made available. The prize draw will be held at the end of the week and all participants who deposited their stamped credentials will have the chance to win one of the wonderful prizes and gifts!

The 26 establishments taking part in the fair will also have the chance to win prizes for best tasting tapa, best presentation and best preparation.

These are the bars and restaurants taking part in the Arroyo de la Miel Tapas Fair:

Tabernala Terna, Mesón Azul, Cevecería Calamar, La Celosía, Tabernala Pinta, el Repunte, café bar Tú y Yo, restaurante Alborada, D’Tapas, restaurante La Mezquita, Casa Rafael (Papa Erig), los Barriles, vinotera Rincón de Curro, la Taberna del Cafelito, bar las Flores, Casa Gaspar “Jaen”, la Abuela Mariana, la Alternativa-taberna urbana, taberna el Tapeo, cafetería Bautista, café bar El Aperitivo, Barrio Húmedo, bar restaurante Pepe, la Manzanade Newton, el Patio dela Encarna, y la Despensa del Aceite.

Enjoy your tapas!

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Have You Tried Our New Homemade Dishes of the Day?

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Homemade dish of the day - Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev - Looks delicious doesn't it?

Our Head Chef and his fantastic team have recently introduced a new addition to the – already ample – evening dining options in the Oasis Restaurant: A Homemade Dish of the Day!

Every evening, guests who choose to dine in the Oasis Restaurant will have the option to try a delicious homemade dish of the day. Feedback from guests has been very positive and the kitchen team will be constantly tweaking the options available. The dishes are very reasonably prices between €10 and €12 for a main course and between €13 and €15 if you wish to add the soup of the day as a started. At the moment, the mouth watering dishes available (one each evening) are the following: Continue Reading →

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